Friday, October 09, 2015

IL: Armed Victim Wins Gunfight - no one hurt

"The victim pulled a legal concealed-carry weapon and he and the suspect began to shoot at each other," Benton said.

The robber did not appear to be injured as he fled the scene and the victim was not injured either, Benton said.
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Anonymous said...

What happens to those bullets that miss. If you can not shoot straight why carry and endanger those you are not aiming at. practice or stop carrying. If you can not hit a man sized target at 100 feet you have no business carrying. it sounds like these two were about ten feet a part and nobody got hit? How bad do you have to be to miss at ten feet? warning shots/ if you shoot at the ground and hit a rock that bullet may come back and give you a third eye. If you shoot into the air where does that bullet come down. If you have to fire hit what needs to be hit and you know where the bullet is.