Sunday, October 11, 2015

Only Bad People Need Guns (cartoon)

Most people in society are visual learners.  A picture is literally worth a thousand words for conveying an idea to people whose primary way to gain information is visual.  The above cartoon is an example of the sort of samizdat art that is found on many places on the Internet, to give visual messages that support the idea of self defense and an armed citizenry.

Cartoons supporting Self Defense have become rare in the old media, which is dominated by disarmist philosophy.

Notice the lessons taught by the cartoon above.  The idea that only bad people need guns is a childish one, penned by "Chuckie Bloomer, Age 6".  Clearly an oblique reference to Senator Schumer of New York, and Michael Bloomberg, both infamous disarmists.

The cartoon has no attribution, and no copyright.  It is meant to be spread far and wide.

When the Washington Cartel, to use Senator Ted Cruz' phrase, controls nearly all of the establishment media, and dominates the  popular culture, cartoons like this reach out to the people who do not read John Lott's research.

 Definition of disarmist

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Anonymous said...

The lesson to be learned here (between the lines) is the "good" people are DEAD....
WHY is that?......the answer is in the lower right hand guns.......

Roger V. Tranfaglia

MrApple said...

I counter this anti-gun sophomoric fantasy with some good ol fashioned Pro-gun common sense.

Anonymous said...

The correct answer is? good people need more guns to get rid of the bad people. bad people do not get to shoot more than one or two good people if one good person drops the bad person like a hot rock.

Anonymous said...

This 'cartoon,' obviously penned by an adult, is a perfect example of Leftist Projection. The "good people" in a Gun Free Zone are disarmed and helpless, they are slaughtered like sheep. This could well be an Islamist wet dream. The only person with agency and power is the guy with a gun who chooses to use it for murder.
This illustration is the product of a disturbed mind.