Sunday, August 07, 2016

IA: State Fair Administration to Consider Gun Ban

Iowa Code prevents individuals from bringing weapons of any kind onto the fairgrounds without permission from the fair's board of directors. But at a special review Friday, state lawmakers will hear from members of the public interested in lifting the ban.

Whether guns should be allowed on the state fairgrounds has been a long-standing point of contention for members of Iowa's firearms community, many of whom argue that it infringes on a licensed gun owner's right to carry a weapon.

"Iowans have a right to keep and bear arms," said Rep. Matt Windschitl, R-Missouri Valley. "Those folks out there that have a permit to carry are law-abiding citizens. They should be able to carry wherever their tax dollars are at work."
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Anonymous said...

The complete Idea of carrying concealed is to prevent alarm for those they may be concerned. the point about carrying in the first place is for self protection and incase of an emergency when the police are no where around. the need for self protection is never by appointment. It happens very fast and it can happen anywhere. We have numerous case of the need happening even in Traffic on in a parked car, at the grocery store. in your home and on the street in many places. No one gets to pick where they may need to be armed. I fully believe in obeying the law, but Gods law of self protection comes above that of mans law. those who do not carry never complain when someone saves their life because of that person being armed. we have yet to see anyone demand the person that saved their life be arrested and prosecuted. The cops always look for a permit but in Arizona there is no permit required and the cops by law are not permitted to check if you have a right to carry or a permit to carry. Now if a cop wants to draw on you and force his will. he might find out what high noon was all about. cops have no right to draw on you just because you are carrying. I know I am better and faster let the cop make the mistake. as far as I am concerned if the cop draws first he has no legal defense, and a very limited future. I carry open and concealed.

Anonymous said...

A state fair commission has no legal authority to deny a federally guaranteed right maybe if the members of that commission were sued for denial of a constitutionally guaranteed right for the max of 15 million dollars they would learn to keep their mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

How about we petition that commission to prevent anyone from speaking once they enter the fair grounds. or prevent sings of any kind be permitted. Maybe we should demand that TSA be there to give every body a good feel up. or at least examine every thing in every ones pockets and purses. every body gets a strip search. that commissions commission is to manage the venders and activities during the fair not to amend the constitution. something people must learn is that if the authority is not written it does not exist. that is not to be misunderstood by how something written can be interpreted. It must be specifically written. if the law requires the color blue, red is unacceptable. If blue is written blue is what has to be enforced. If a city orders a fleet of new police cars and the contract specifies blue and Gold and the fleet is delivered in black and white the contract is in fact in violate and void. why because black and white is not blue and gold what is written is what has to be complied with. the constitution is in fact a contract. contract law always applies to any kind of a contract. If you order a white car and a white truck is delivered the contract is void.