Wednesday, August 03, 2016

NC: Gunshop Clerk Drives off Suspects with Shot

Before he could get the door closed, the suspects got to the door and pushed until they entered the store. The employee drew a weapon and fired once at the suspects, causing them to turn and run away. They jumped into a green car and drove off.

The employee told law officers he wasn't sure whether he hit either suspect.

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Anonymous said...

With the increase in self defense cases, and they are happening numerous times daily, I think the American public is finally waking up and learning we do not have to take the abuse of the criminal element anymore. I think this is one of the very important issues that is going to propel Trump to a landslide victory. Clinton , the liar, is definitely going to try to confiscate all guns within a few days of her election if she wins, Real Americans are finally waking up to just how important the second amendment really is. We have a ways to go before we can claim victory. With the recent events of the elite republicans jumping ship to support Clinton I believe we have flushed out the real problems in congress. It is my opinion that those many traitors can be charged after leaving office for crimes against the state/ Nation and the world. Trump has to get into office first then we can start reclaiming our constitution, If Trump does not get into office then remember to shoot straight when the gun grabbers start showing up. It is my belief that things will definitely go one way or the other in a big hurry either just before the election or very soon after. I do an awful lot of research on these issues, much more than the average person. these are very dangerous times we are living in. We have not seen the worst of Ozero yet. There are thousands of foreign troops on our soil. NATO and the United Nations are pushing the envelope to become the world power they have always dreamed of being. the election coming up is the most important election in our history. Every Gun owner needs to vote Trump in and be ready to defend their vote, religion, their family and the future of this nation. I think Trump will resolve the problems with Russia. I think Putin actually respects Trump and he has stated if anything happens to trump or if Clinton gets elected he will have reason to attack. The NWO want a world war three. Trump and Putin can put a stop to it. Ozero will try anything to stop Trump from winning so we had better be ready.