Thursday, August 04, 2016

OR: Pastor who won Rifle to Destroy it Likly Violated new Firearms Ban on Private Transfers

Oregon Firearms Federation

According to the Washington Post, Reverend Jeremy Lucas violated SB 941. The Oregon Firearms Federation is calling for an immediate investigation and prosecution of Lucas and others.

In the linked story, Lucas, who won a rifle raffle using his congregation’s money, claims he “drove it to the home of a parishioner… who offered to keep the rifle locked up in a gun safe until the pastor is ready to destroy it.”

If the story is accurate, Rev. Lucas is in clear violation of the requirements of SB 941.

Unless the “parishioner” is a close family member of Lucas, this represents an illegal transfer under the Prozanski/Hoyle SB 941.

Thousands of Oregonians have been negatively affected by this dangerous legislation. An anti-Second Amendment crusader should not be allowed to flagrantly violate the law.

Oregon Firearms Federation is calling for an immediate investigation into the whereabouts of this rifle, the name and address of the person who is in possession of it, and full prosecution of any guilty parties.

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Anonymous said...

His church should be calling for an investigation on his use of church funds.

Anonymous said...

If he and others are prosecuted it may have a sobering effect on just how cumbersome these ridiculous laws are on those that would like to stay out of jail just for owning guns. It may put a new perspective for him and his friends to think about. I'm sure he had no intent to violate the law but neither do any other gun owners that are affected by these worthless laws that infringe on their rights. Maybe, just maybe this case will bring to light that rights can not be regulated or they are not rights but mere privileges and we do not have a constitutional bill of privileges we have a constitutional bill of rights that the government is required to protect and defend. the right to own a gun is just as protected as the right to own a Bible. I have both, and I will damn sure protect them both. Hitting a pastor over the head with a Bible is not nearly as effect as a load of double O buck. The second amendment does not require anyone to own a gun but when they do each gun owner is required to be just as careful as the next. He wanted to win the gun now he has to deal with it. Maybe he can start a jail ministry. the last gun I bought was from a jail police Chaplin.

Anonymous said...

I do not get it. we outnumber these jerks by a factor of more than one thousand to one. So why do we set back and tolerate them? demon straight. demand removal, replacement. Use their stupidity against them. we need to do something, anything, trial and error until we get action. we need to reach out and touch them In some effective manner. they always get away with what they do because we do not make the first move they always make the first move, the squeaky wheel gets the grease first. Maybe a day of national open carry marches should be planed and carried out as soon as possible. All of the useless gun rights groups have the ability to organize such an event. It would not hurt their credibility to take a stab at it. they just might accomplish something worth while for a change.

Anonymous said...

If the pastor is not charged, this sets a precedent for ignoring the law completely. Why should anyone bother with background checks on private sales/loans/transfers?


Anonymous said...

According to this law it is illegal to hand your gun to someone to hold until you go get more ammo from your vehicle. This pastor wanted more gun laws and he got what he asked for. he should be enjoying his success. So let him have his fun let his church spring for his costs and see how they enjoy the success with him. about half of my church owns guns. some are very well to do farmers and well educated people. They are laughing at the incompetence of the California AG. I hope this coming election will see the last of John McCain and several others. I would like to correct the record, a recent U=tube video I watched called McCain singer McCain. I was in Vietnam at the time. the real Nick Name he picked up was song bird McCain, It seems that several of the traitors of those days never had to pay for their crimes, Like Jane Fonda, John McCain and several others that were giving aid and comfort to our enemies. One of our many intelligence agencies just released a tape recording of McCain's antics as he toured the North as a prisoner of war. He is not the Hero he claims to be. I have voted against him for three decades. I received a personal call from his campaign committee asking me to support him. I hope her ears are still ringing. McCain's carrier landing crash killed 43 navy men. He is not a republican. He runs on the republican ticket because Arizona mostly vote republican.
Ask Sara Palin what a Nice guy he is. Have you heard about Hilary's medical mental problems? stress related seizures and she wants the top stress job in the country? Her seizures present as laughing at inappropriate times. A noted neurologist says it is a result of her head injury she received at one her fund raising events when she fell off the stage. there is a lot of stress in having to remember your lies.