Saturday, January 14, 2017

CT: Man who shot Aggressive Thief Charged with Assault

After checking the crock pot, Berry looked out the window and saw a man breaking into Berry’s work van parked on the street, police said. A car that Berry didn’t recognize was parked in the driveway.

Police said Berry told them he grabbed his .38-caliber handgun, which he has a permit to use, and ran outside. Berry said the burglar, who was carrying Berry’s tool box, turned toward him in a threatening manner, so Berry fired four shots at him.
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Anonymous said...

"Police said Aviles admitted to being shot by Berry while stealing the tool box from the van. But he denied doing anything threatening to Berry and said he wanted to press charges against him."

It doesnt get much worse than that.

As if breaking into your van and stealing your things isn't threatening you?? Really?
The criminal is the victim? Yeah, that is CONnecticut for ya.

Anonymous said...

I have only had one instance where I used a fire arm for self defense and I did not have to fire it. I was driving through the city park looking for friends when my car was stopped and ringed by a group of hoods. I calmly informed them of Arizona law. I just said you guys make it hard for me to decide which ones to shoot and which ones to beat the hell out of. the leader said well you don't have a gun so we are going to f you up. then I showed the leader the barrel as it slowly came over the edge of the door of my car and said but I think you will be the first. the tough guys disappeared like smoke and I never had another problem driving through the park. Arizona law says you can shoot all but one and you must fight the last one. Pick the small one and stomp his ass.