Thursday, January 12, 2017

TN: Hearing Protection Act is introduced in Tennessee by Rep Tilman Goins

A member of the Republican leadership in the Tennessee House of Representatives, Tilman Goins, has introduced a bill to reform archaic gun law.

Tilman is the Majority Caucus Treasurer, and is a member of the Criminal Justice and Business and Utilities committees.  His bill TN HB0011 the "Hearing Protection Act" would simply remove "firearms silencer" from the list of prohibited weapons.

If the bill is passed, it would go into effect on 1 July, 2017.

These types of reforms have been very popular with legislatures over the last several years.  Josh Waldron, one of the founders of the American Suppressor Association, says these sort of bills often receive 90% support, once legislators become educated. From Josh Waldron, June, 2016:
If you are an anti-gun guy, if you cannot outright ban the firearm, why not make the firearm safer? That is why we have been able to build a lot of momentum and get a lot done.  On the state level we have had 90 percent on both sides of the House and Senate vote yea on our bills.  90 percent.  That is a huge bipartisan issue.  There are a lot of bills these days that have been passing these days with that 90 percent bi-partisan approval level in both houses.
 HB0011 was introduced on 10 January. There are many steps that a bill goes through before it becomes law. Stay tuned.

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Paul Weber said...

First, there is no such thing as a "silencer" for guns. Silencers are things of fiction and only exist on TV and in movies.

What does exist are "mufflers" for guns. What a muffler does is to reduce the muzzle acoustic blast by about 26dB. The best ear protectors today provide about 32dB of protection. For a rifle the typical blast is around 150-165dB. Even with the best hearing protection, the blast is only reduced to 118-133dB which is still enough to cause damage to your hearing. Add a muffler and the blast is reduced to 92-107dB, which is still very loud but won’t cause as much damage to your hearing.

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Anonymous said...

Well I disagree with Paul Weber. Posting lots of incorrect information does not make the information true. I have a hearing loss from cannon fire. there are very effective silencers and I intend to make some for my own use. Movement of the guns action will be louder than the discharge.

Anonymous said...

The inventor of the first such device, Hiram Maxim, called it a "silencer." The federal paperwork (BATFE Form 4) calls it a silencer. So you can call it a cocker spaniel if you want, but I don't think it'll answer when you call.