Saturday, January 07, 2017

TX: Man Stops Crime Spree by Shooting 1 of 3 Theives in Face

The overnight crime spree ended around 3:30am. A homeowner near the corner of Hiram Clarke Rod and Ridgerod Lane said his dog started barking so he went outside to see what was going on. Police say three men were breaking into his Tahoe. The homeowner shot one of them in the face. Two others ran off.

Investigators don't have a description of the two suspects that ran. As for the man shot, police found him laying in the street. He was taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery. His mother tells ABC13 he's just 19 years old.
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Anonymous said...

I'm wondering where these teenagers get their values from. Is there a vending machine that you put in a dollar and get a bag of stupid pills. Is it lack of parental supervision. could it be heredity, crappy parents or what. I think a lot of teenage crime is related to broken homes or homes that require two parent incomes. You know keep up with the joneses so all of your kids wind up as punks and criminals. I went to smart and final the other day. I buy all of my drinking water in gallon bottles. I thought I counted carefully. when I got to the check out the girl I know asked me how many gallon bottles I had and I said 18 she charged me for 18. I get to my car and load them in and count as I load. I some how wound up with 20. I went back in and explained I had made a mistake and paid for the two extra.

I cashed a check once for several thousand dollars. the bank cashier counted the 100 dollar bills out very quickly so I re counted them. then I told the cashier to count them again. she did and said you just saved my job. she had given me one 100 dollar bill too much. some people call me stupid I call my self honest and think I have integrity.

It is a shame that so many teenagers these days think stealing should be a way of life not understanding that STEALING IS A GOOD WAY TO LOSE YOUR LIFE. when they flash a weapon of any kind they have taken all of their stupid pills.