Monday, December 25, 2006

AL: Four arrested in home invasion: "Police arrested two men and two women in connection with a home invasion Monday at 2416 Springhill Road after the homeowner exchanged gunfire with intruders. It was the second home invasion in the city within 12 hours. ... Lorenza Elliott Sr., 66, said he and his son, Lorenza Elliott Jr., 28, were at home shortly before 11 a.m. Monday when his son saw four people -- two men and two women -- brandishing guns on his front porch. ... Elliott Sr., a former Decatur police officer, said he was retrieving his .357 Magnum pistol out of the bedroom when the intruders kicked in his door and accused his son of breaking into their home across the street on Eastland Drive. ... 'The door just flew open.' Elliott Sr. said he told the intruders that his son was not involved in any burglary, then one of the men fired a shot, hitting the doorframe. Elliott Sr. said he then fired back, and the intruders retreated to their home on Eastland."

A triumph for San Francisco gun control: "A police officer died early Saturday after he was shot during a gunfight that also left a suspected fugitive dead in the city's Sunset District, police said. Bryan Tuvera, a 4 1/2-year department veteran, was rushed to the emergency room at San Francisco General Hospital Friday night and pronounced dead just after midnight. "Tragically, he died from his injuries," said San Francisco Police Chief Heather Fong. The incident began around 8:15 p.m. as Tuvera, 28, and his partner tried to serve a felony warrant on a suspect described as armed and dangerous. The two officers chased the suspect on foot to a garage, where the suspect fired at them, shooting Tuvera in the head, police said. The second officer returned fire. The suspect, wanted for escaping from a correctional facility, died at the scene."


Anonymous said...

So... is the second heading a joke, or do you really consider a cop getting shot a triumph for gun control?

Oh, and while I'm here, because I'm interested in the way different types of people's minds work, let me pose a more general question regarding gun control:

How do you rationalize the fact that New York, San Francisco, and other cities with illegal gun control laws have such a higher level of crime than they did before the laws were enacted, while enacting concealed carry legislation universally causes a drastic drop in crime, everywhere it has been done?

Don't you think that gun control is just a way to disarm the populace, so as oppressive, Bush-like characters can seize control and establish a police state?

Just wondering.

jonjayray said...

The heading was sarcastic