Monday, December 11, 2006

Kentucky oldster ousts intruders: "It all came down to survival for Holton Smith on Saturday, Dec. 2 as he faced an intruder in his bedroom. Two men in their mid-20s broke into Smith's home on Baton Rouge Road in Williamstown around 4 p.m. One came into the bedroom while the other stayed at the front door.... Smith grabbed a .38-special from a nearby chest of drawers. "I couldn't get the gun out of the holster but I pointed it right at the man's face while we looked at each other," said Smith. "I knew I had to hold the gun steady." Smith, 85, said he was surprisingly calm during the incident; a calm he credits learning at Pearl Harbor and in Europe during World War II. "I knew that I had to get more space between me and that fellow," said Smith. "We were too close."... Then the man turned and ran toward the front door with Smith on his heels. "The one almost ran over the other as they tried to get out," said Smith.

One invader down in Columbus, Ohio: "Investigators said three men with a gun forced their way inside a home on Lockbourne Road Friday night, NBC 4's Ana Jackson reported. Resident Elaine Solomon said she was baking cookies when she heard a knock on the door... That's when Solomon said three men with at least one gun forced their way inside, Jackson reported. "All I remember is an arm coming over and seeing the gun," she said. "I was scared. I didn't know what to do. I thought he was going to shoot us." But Solomon's boyfriend heard the intrusion from a back bedroom and fought back. "I just got my pistol and came around the corner," said Red Evans. "That's where they were pushing her through and I just started shooting." Evans said he shot one of the intruders and chased them from the house, Jackson reported. Minutes later, police said they received a report from a house on nearby Ohio Avenue. A man there had been shot, but people who lived at the home didn't know who he was, police said. Investigators said the same man may have been one of the suspects in the home invasion, Jackson reported."

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