Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Battle with invaders in Cape Coral, Florida: "Two men were arrested after an apparent shoot-out early Wednesday morning in a Southeast Cape neighborhood. Arthur Starling Horton, 20, and Corrye A. Powell, 19, are suspected of attempting to get inside a residence where a man was babysitting his 18-month-old niece. The victim, who is not named in the arrest reports, reported hearing blinds moving around 5:45 a.m. and thought the dog was trying to come in. That's when he told police he saw a man trying to get in the door, pointing a gun at him and demanding to be let in. The victim began yelling for his girlfriend to come and get his niece and wake up others that were in the house. The girlfriend woke up and saw two men with guns standing in the driveway. Another person at the house handed the victim a gun for protection, and the victim took off running, apparently to get the men with guns away from his house and his young niece. "The victim states he ran from his residence into a house under construction across the street and he saw the two... men chasing after him," the report states. "He states that he hid in a closet in the dark until he saw a handgun from around the corner." The victim told police that's when he shot the gun out of one of the intruder's hands - and they fired back. Then the two intruders fled through the woods... No one was injured, because when police caught up with suspects Horton and Powell, they were taken to jail in apparent good health.... Witnesses later identified Horton and Powell, who were each charged with assault with intent to commit a felony."

Determined Texas burglar loses: "A would-be burglar who failed to break into a North Side home Tuesday morning returned to the same house that afternoon, only to be shot in the legs by the homeowner, police said. A suspect was taken to Brooke Army Medical Center in undetermined condition, Sgt. Pat Michalec said. The homeowner returned from work early Tuesday and found a man trying to break into his house in the 4100 block of Hunters Glen. The man left, and the homeowner filed a police report, Michalec said. Waking up from a nap later that day, the homeowner noticed the same man trying to break into his garage. He retrieved a shotgun and shot him in the legs, Michalec said, adding it was unlikely that charges would be filed against the homeowner."

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