Thursday, December 07, 2006

PA: Homeowner opens fire on intruders: "A homeowner opened fire after intruders entered his home on Monday, police said. ... The man and his 1-year-old baby were home at the time of the invasion. Police said several people kicked in the front windows of the home. According to officials, the homeowner then shot one person with a high caliber weapon, injuring that person severely. The intruder fled in a vehicle. Police are now searching for the intruders."

Compulsory gun ownership? "A tiny town in western Pennsylvania could ask all of its residents to own guns, if a proposal under consideration on Wednesday wins approval from local officials. Under the proposed law, residents of Cherry Tree, Pennsylvania, would be asked to own guns and know how to use them. Cherry Tree, some 70 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, has about 400 residents. The town council was scheduled to vote on the proposed "Civil Protection Ordinance" on Wednesday evening. Introduced last month by resident Henry Statkowski, the measure recommends that "all heads of households maintain a firearm along with ammunition." In written comments, Statkowski said homeowners have a right and a responsibility to defend against intruders rather than calling police and waiting for help to arrive. The measure would send a message to "burglars, ne'er-do-wells and other criminal elements," Statkowski wrote."

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