Friday, June 19, 2009

Arizona: Homeowner With Shotgun Kills Intruder: "According to Mesa Police Department spokesman Sgt. Ed Wessing, two men armed with guns and demanding money forced their way into the home near Stapley Road and Southern Avenue. The intruders rounded up the four men who live there and forced them into a room, Wessing said. "At some point during this crime, one of the residents was able to grab a shotgun," Wessing said. "(He) shot and killed one of them, and then fired at the second suspect (who) was injured but then fled the area." Police said the second intruder ended up at a nearby hospital, where he is expected to survive. The four men were not injured."

Nevada: Resident Opens Fire During Home Invasion: "An attempted home-invasion in the southwest valley today ended with shots fired. It happened around 10:30 a.m. at a house on Ocotillo Falls Avenue, near Grand Canyon and Patrick. Police say a homeowner fired five shots in self-defense after a man kicked in his door. No one was hit, but two suspects left the scene in a car. One was caught and arrested, the other fled on foot and is still being sought."

California: Armed robber shot by homeowner during break-in: "A Los Angeles man who was trying to rob a Barstow home Friday night with two others was shot and killed by the homeowner, police said. A man who lives in the Teton Street house was attacked by three home invasion robbers about 10 p.m. as they attempted to break into his house, police said. The homeowner, who was armed, was able to shoot one of the robbers when they tried to escape. Officers found Henry Jackson III, 57, lying in the front yard with a gunshot wound in his lower stomach."

An email about a new gun site: "My name is Zach Terhark and I am 20 year old college student from rural Iowa. Last year I was browsing and I thought I would search for a shotgun because I was in the market for a new one. I then realized that craigslist bans guns. I then go to google to search for a craigslist dedicated to guns, and there were none to be found. At that moment I was determined to make a website where people could buy and sell guns to others in their community for free. A month later, in August of 2008, I finished and it went live. Since august of last year has grown immensely and we have helped thousands of people buy and sell their guns. However, many have yet to hear about Because is completely free, and I have not opened the site up for banner advertising, I am not able to purchase advertisements to get the word out. While word of mouth has been very effective in the last year, I believe if could get some larger public exposure, this service could be of great use for the gun-owner community. Would you consider doing a blog article introducing this service to the gun community? For more information on the service provided and the mission statement you can visit the website here.

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Jenn said...

Hey I organized a military week on my site Collectors' Quest and a couple of our featured collectors have some antique guns. I figured you may be interested in checking it out. There are some WWII and American Civil War guns.