Monday, June 15, 2009

SC Man Shoots, Kills Robbery Suspect: "Richland County deputies are investigating a fatal shooting at an apartment complex. The incident took place at 12:01 a.m. Friday at the Colonial Villa Apartments on Garners Ferry Road. According to deputies, a man was sitting in his car doing paperwork at the time of the confrontation. Deputies say he provides security detail for the apartments. Deputies say a male suspect approached the car demanding the victim's handgun; however, deputies say the victim pulled out that weapon and shot the suspect. The suspect was taken to the hospital where he later died.

Colorado: Bear shot to death after breaking into home: "A man shot a bear to death after it broke into his home in Colorado Springs. The bear broke in through the back door of a home on Columbia court around 8 p.m. Friday night. Colorado Springs police say the homeowner loaded his gun, after a roommate yelled that the bear had broken in. The bear roared at the homeowner several times, and went to a part of the house where it couldn't get out. The man shot the bear 4 times, and it died. Division of Wildlife investigated, and say the homeowner was justified in the shooting."

Wisconsin Gun bill sparks controversy: "Senator Russ Decker of Weston has introduced a bill that would change the way hunters can haul their weapons. He wants them to be able to carry uncased guns, bows and crossbows in their vehicles. But not everyone supports the bill. Portage County sheriff John Charewicz, who is also a hunting safety instructor says, "The part that's concerning to me is that people like the little gang bangers, the gangsters that want to have guns in their cars are now going to be within the law to a certain extent." But Senator Decker says his bill is geared towards hunters, "The gang bangers are law breakers, I'm more concerned about the law abiding citizens." But Charewicz thinks the bill is bad news, "It's just another example of a poorly written piece of legislation and I don't know what they're trying to accomplish, I mean I have no idea." Decker says not having to deal with a gun case is a matter of convenience, "It's just unnecessary for us to do it as long as it's unloaded. A lot of times you're hunting and go to your vehicle or someone else's vehicle and there's not a case in the vehicle that may have been left with somebody else."

NY: Controversy surrounds plan to register ammo: "Demonstrators called the event a civil rights rally Tuesday night. "We don't want our privacy violated to be in this database. We don't want local government or law enforcement knowing what we're buying, how much we're buying," said rally organizer Brian Belz. They are against a proposed law in Albany County that would require people to show their gun license when buying ammunition for handguns, and a driver's license or other ID for ammunition for rifles. The rally took place just before a public hearing in front of the Legislature. "You have to stop looking at the average gun owner as a criminal. That's what laws like this do. It makes common, everyday citizens criminals, pre-crime," said one resident speaking at the hearing. But a sponsor of the proposal, legislator Phil Steck, said this is to make sure that only licensed gun owners can buy ammunition, which is already in state law. "I think what's going on here in large part is that a lot of people don't realize that this is the law that's on the books, it isn't being enforced, and a lot of folks are ideologically opposed to gun control of any kind," Steck said".

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