Sunday, June 28, 2009

MA: One-Gun-A-Month Law

Here's a ridiculous gun control plan out of Massachusetts that appears to be based on the unsupported belief that licensed gun owners in the state are regularly selling their weapons to street criminals.
"An Act to Reduce Firearm Violence," (H4102), an insulting, anti-gun bill filed by Governor Deval Patrick, will do nothing of the sort. The bill is just another smokescreen by the governor to divert attention away from failed social programs and a failed criminal justice system, which refuses to keep hardened, gun-wielding criminals behind bars, where they belong. The bill only infringes upon our constitutional rights and will cause increased hardship for law-abiding citizens who own guns for hunting, the shooting sports and home protection.

A section of the bill is the "One-gun-a-month" clause that would imprison lawful citizens for purchasing — or for a licensed firearm retailer for selling to a licensed citizen — more than one rifle, shotgun or handgun in a 30-day period.

Sniveling gun-grabbers, with nothing but empty space between their ears, say that limiting law-abiding gun owners to buying only one gun per month will put an end to gun-trafficking — and it lights a fire in my belly. So, us law-abiding gun owners who go through the expensive and unconstitutional licensing process and endure the lengthy procedure and paperwork to buy our guns at licensed gun dealers — are turning around and selling those guns to gang-bangers to commit murder with?

Patrick says we are risking our lives, families, jobs, reputations, our passion for hunting and the shooting sports and taking a chance on spending years in jail (please send soap on a rope) — by selling our souls for a few hundred bucks to some street punk? It's one of the worst insults Patrick has hurled at us law-abiding citizens yet and I think he should offer us a public and written apology.
And, there's more. The bill would make it illegal for legal gun owners to sell guns to other legal gun owners. Instead, all transactions will have to be performed through a licensed gun dealer with, of course, payment of a government fee. More at the link.

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