Wednesday, June 17, 2009

GA: Cellphone, gun trump attacker with knife: "The robber came in the door of the Beverage Mart liquor store in Roswell, waving a big, black hunting knife. He wanted the money in his knapsack. Now! He lunged at the clerk, Joseph Wescott, 59, who leaned back to get away from that 10-inch gleaming blade. The knife hit the cellphone in Wescott’s breast pocket instead. That bought time. Time enough for Wescott to reach for the Glock .40 he kept under the counter. It was Monday night, about 8:30 p.m., and that’s when robbery suspect Carlos Jeanpierre, 24, of Atlanta, realized this might be the end. He ran for the door, but not before Wescott got off a round, hitting him in the side. The bullet went in the right side and lodged in the left side of the abdomen. “He’ll live,” said Roswell Police Lt. James McGee. After doctors remove the bullet, police will match it against the gun, McGee said. Jeanpierre is charged with attempted armed robbery, aggravated assault and weapons possession. Store owner Mike Burnett watched the crime afterward on the store video and spoke with Wescott, who is the father of a Roswell Police officer. The son had bought his dad both the gun and the phone, Wescott said. The phone was a little one, similar to a Razr, Burnett said. It still worked after the attack, because that is what Wescott used to call police, he said. The phone is in evidence now. It’s unclear if Jeanpierre was a regular customer at the liquor store, but he has been a regular with the Roswell Police."

Women on Target: Preparing women to defend Liberty: “The United Kingdom and Australia instituted gun bans in 1997. Between 1995 and 2006, women in the United Kingdom suffered a 76.5% increase in rape; by 2007 Australian women experienced a 29.9% increase. Meanwhile, rape decreased 31.7% in America. ‘Today, women are raped twice as often in the UK as America, and Australian women are raped three times as often. This is damning evidence that gun control places women at greater risk. American women are hearing this message, and more and more are arming themselves every day, not only to protect themselves and their families from harm, but to ensure our government doesn’t enact laws which disenfranchise women.’”

Anti-gun cabal grows to more than 400 mayors : "The bi-partisan coalition of Mayors Against Illegal [sic] Guns today announced that the membership of the coalition has grown to more than 400 mayors, making it almost 30 times as large as when it was founded in 2006. The growth of the coalition, which now represents over 56 million Americans, was announced at the United States Conference of Mayors annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island. Mayors Against Illegal [sic] Guns also praised a resolution by the nonpartisan U.S. Conference of Mayors, passed at its annual meeting, in support of efforts to fight illegal guns. The resolution calls on Congress to repeal the restrictions on law enforcement access to crucial gun trace data known as the Tiahrt Amendments.”

TN: Some Nashville bar owners plan to ban guns: “At Doc Holliday’s Saloon, the sign over the bar that says ‘Please Check Your Guns at the Door’ used to be a part of the decor. Now it’s more of a political stance. Owner Josh Green says his location on Second Avenue is a quiet, mostly local haunt, but he acknowledges that he has shut the bar down on several occasions when violence has heated up a few blocks down. He can’t imagine ever willingly letting someone into his bar with a sidearm. Just up the street, Jessie Lee Jones, the owner of Robert’s Western World, says he is worried about armed people with ill intent coming into his bar, but he would feel hypocritical to deny the masses that right since he carries his own firearm most places. In the wake of a new state law that allows guns where alcohol is served, bar owners across Middle Tennessee are planning to post signs banning firearms from their establishments.”

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