Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michigan: Neighborhood watch president shoots, kills dog; its owner disputes the need: "Tensions are high on a Saginaw street where the neighborhood watch president shot and killed his neighbor's dog. Jose Barajas, Southwest Saginaw Neighborhood Association president, told police he shot Onyx, a 50-plus-pound pit bull and shar-pei mix, with a 40-caliber Glock after the dog broke its chain and charged him at 1223 Maple on June 18. Barajas said he was working outside the house next door when he heard a resident crying for help. Diana M. Fick, 52, said she was mowing her backyard about 7:30 p.m. when neighbor Samantha A. Griffus' dog lunged at her. Fick said Onyx perched atop the tailgate shell and jumped off toward her, breaking his chain. She said she screamed for the owner and used the lawnmower as a buffer to keep the dog at bay. Griffus didn't hear her, but Barajas did. When the dog turned on him, he said he shot it two times. Barajas "didn't have an option," Fick said "He popped him." Griffus, 19, said the dog was on a 10-foot chain attached to a tailgate shell on the lawn. She said Barajas had no right to shoot her dog because it hadn't left her property. Saginaw police investigated and cleared Barajas".

FL: More practice needed: "After her father's store, Bob's Coins & Jewelry, was burglarized twice, and after hearing about jewelry stores being robbed recently in Ocala, Vickie Buxton decided to take precautions. Buxton, general manager at the store, took concealed weapons classes and armed herself with guns she keeps at the business in case she encounters an intruder. She did not have to wait long. While working at the store, at 17860 S.E. 109th Ave., Suite 621, on Thursday, Buxton shot at a thief after the man entered the building with a hammer, broke a glass case and escaped with an official Vatican Treasury gold medallion worth $20,000. She said before the robber entered the store, "The vehicle sat in front for several minutes, and then it drove around the parking lot some more." Then, she said, the suspect approached the business and pulled a bandana up to his face. "I yell, 'Gun!,' meaning my employees know I'm going for the gun," she said. As the robber entered the store, Buxton said she told him, "I'm going to shoot." The man ignored her and smashed a display glass that contained coins. Buxton tried to fire a .380-caliber handgun, but the weapon misfired. The robber grabbed the medallion and as he was heading out the door, Buxton again tried to fire the gun, but it misfired a second time. Buxton successfully fired a third shot, which struck the back of the SUV."

Crooked Australian police lose 'gun fight' with collector: "A South Grafton man who successfully sued the NSW Police for destroying seven of his firearms is at least $10,000 out of pocket and angry at the waste of public money spent to thwart his quest for compensation. Kevin Hebron was awarded $12,500 compensation for the lost guns, which included an almost irreplaceable antique double-barrelled Italian shotgun, during a civil hearing at Maclean Court on Wednesday. The trouble for Mr Hebron, a keen target shooter and hunter, began in 2006 when he attended a pistol shooting event in Byron Bay. Prior to the event Mr Hebron's four-wheel-drive was parked in a private, locked carpark when police were called. They noticed a Glock pistol in the rear of his vehicle and believed he was in breach of firearm safety rules. They seized the pistol and contacted Grafton police, who confiscated the firearms stored at his home. Ironically for Mr Hebron, police returned the Glock pistol, which was in minor breach of firearms safety rules, but destroyed the other guns which had been legally stored at his home.... Despite agreeing to a sum that puts him out of pocket, Mr Hebron is delighted to put the battle behind him. “This is the end of the matter. I've had more than enough of the legal system,” Mr Hebron said yesterday of his court experiences. The absence of a paper trail for the destroyed weapons also dismayed Mr Hebron. “After the firearms breach matter was settled at Byron Bay, police told me I could go to Grafton and get my guns back,” he said. But when he arrived and presented the property receipt for the guns, he was told they had been destroyed. He said he couldn't get paperwork from either the police or the Firearms Registry about the destruction of the guns." [Some cop probably still has them]

CA: Hunter spearheads amendment to reopen MCAS shotgun range: "The lead issue shut down the public shotgun range at Miramar's Marine Corps Air Station, but good old politics might soon reopen it. As reported here a few weeks ago, the San Diego Shotgun Sports Association at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar could be reopening soon. Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Lakeside, is “offering an amendment to the Fiscal Year 2010 Defense Authorization Act that attempts to restart recreational shooting activities at Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar,” according to a release from the congressman's office. “The gun range at MCAS Miramar, previously operated by the San Diego Shotgun Sports Association, was closed last year when lead shot was discovered beyond range boundaries." According to the release, “the Hunter amendment specifically encourages the Marine Corps to expedite its Preliminary Assessment and Site Investigation and also submit a report to Congress that includes a plan and timeline to reopen the range.” “For more than 50 years, San Diego families have enjoyed recreational shooting and received quality firearm instruction at the Miramar Gun Range,” Hunter said in the release. “Indefinitely closing the range would deny these families and our Marines one of the few locations available for trap and skeet shooting, as well as recreational marksmanship. I look forward to working with the Marine Corps to ensure the continuation of a shooting range at Miramar that accommodates anyone interested in these activities.” The Miramar Gun Range also provided free recreational shooting to Marines and their families when it was open, and Olympic hopefuls such as Susan Sledge of El Cajon and Brian Burrows of Fallbrook practiced at the only gun range in San Diego with international trap. It was a favorite shooting range for local, state and federal law enforcement personnel, too.

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