Thursday, September 27, 2012

(SC)Sheriff: Cherokee Co. Homicide Most Likely Self Defense


Cherokee County Coroner Dennis Fowler ruled the death a homicide, but the Sheriff's Office hasn't filed any charges yet. Sheriff Steve Mueller told 7 On Your Side it appears the homeowner was defending himself when he hit a driver multiple times with a cement block.

“Did Mr. Hughes do too much? I don't think so,” said Sheriff Mueller. “I think he done what any reasonable home owner would have done."

Sheriff Mueller says volunteer firemen Josh McAbee was killed at a Glen Hughes’ home on Corinth Road, Saturday morning.

Mueller tells us, McAbee was driving erratically. Somehow his truck ran off the road and hit a trailer in Hughes' yard. Hearing the commotion, Hughes came outside with a gun and fired off warning shots. The sheriff says that's when the two started fighting, and Hughes picked up a cinder block and hit McAbee in the head, killing him.

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Perhaps the homeowner ran out of ammunition. This is a case against warning shots.

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Unknown said...

Glenn Hughes is a convicted felon. Why was there a gun in his home to begin with?