Tuesday, September 04, 2012

(TX)HPD: Naked suspect shot by homeowner during attempted burglary

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A homeowner fought back against a suspected burglar who was reportedly naked. Police say the naked man was behind the wheel of a vehicle when he forced his way through the gate on the homeowner's property at around 8am Monday on Tierwester Street near Lehall on Houston's south side..

The homeowner emptied one gun into the suspect's vehicle and when the suspect didn't stop, he began firing another gun at the vehicle.

The homeowner, Anthony Allen, says the suspect used his vehicle to push the sliding gate open. That's when the homeowner's mother saw the suspect driving around to her son's back door. She called her son and woke him up. When Allen came outside, he saw the gate was closed and the suspect driving forward then backward in his driveway. That's when Allen says he yelled for the suspect to stop, but he continued to drive and opened his car door.

Allen says with the suspect close, he fired his handgun into the vehicle, and when that didn't stop him, he fired his shotgun.

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