Thursday, February 07, 2013

NM:Government fought bail release claiming gun dealers a ‘danger to community’

Go to the site. Read what the prosecution found to be incriminating. It is nearly out of 1984. The Prosecution essentially is saying that the Reese family is guilty because they do not love big brother, no matter how much they are persecuted. Dispicable.

Government prosecutors argued against granting bond to Deming, N.M., gun dealer Rick Reese and his son Ryin, painting them as dangerous risks for release, court documents received this evening by Gun Rights Examiner reveal. United States Attorney Kenneth J. Gonzales, nominated by President Obama last November to serve on the U.S. District Court in the District of New Mexico, filed a supplement to the defendant’s motion for release in that court last Tuesday, citing an affidavit he claimed contained “statements relevant to the motion.

“[T]hey highlight the Defendants release still pose a danger to the community,” Gonzales wrote in the electronically filed document. “The statement also show the Defendants are not likely to follow any Court imposed orders or conditions.”

Gonzales was referring to a January 29 sworn and notarized statement by Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jose Ramon Martinez, in which the agent related monitored telephone conversations between the elder Reese and wife Terri, and also between son Ryin and his girlfriend.

Supposedly incriminating statements included Reese telling his wife “The truth will come out and these people will be exposed for what they truly are – a bunch of cons liars and cheats and thieves.

“They took a premise, they wanted our stuff, and they wanted to destroy out family so they reverse engineered,” the affidavit continued, quoting Reese.

“In reference to AUSA Maria Armijjo, Terri Reese stated ‘she is willing to get in bed with the devil to destroy a good Christian family,” the affidavit again alleged.

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