Monday, May 13, 2013

Team Trayvon's Big Lie

While watching George Zimmerman's immunity hearing online in late April 2013, Chip Bennett took satisfaction seeing Florida prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda flail away at the one blog that has given him fits from the beginning. "BDLR alleges that The Conservative Treehouse doxed Witness 8," Bennett commented. "Double shot!"

By "Double shot," Bennett meant "doubly cool." This was the second of three occasions on which de la Rionda would refer to the Treehouse. By "doxed" he meant, in a word, "outed." More comprehensively, the Urban Dictionary defines "doxing" as "a technique of tracing someone or gathering information about an individual using sources on the internet." The word likely derives from the Microsoft Word format "Docx."

In fact, doxing succinctly describes how a blogging collective like the Conservative Treehouse works. What troubled de la Rionda is what troubles many authority figures: doxing levels the media playing field. He and they could no longer control the narrative by feeding information to compliant media sources. De la Rionda worried too that the Zimmerman defense was taking its cues from the relentless doxing done by the Treehouse as though that somehow gave the defense an unfair advantage. For the record, the Treepers have refused to communicate with the Zimmerman defense lest they be accused of doing what de la Riona insinuated.

Bennett had been following Zimmerman's travails from the beginning and commenting on the Treehouse since June 2012. A chemical engineer by profession and a logician by avocation, the 35-year-old Bennett believes "one hundred percent of the evidence in discovery supports Zimmerman. I don't think there's been a single bit of evidence that convicts." As the June trial approaches, he strongly believes that Zimmerman will be acquitted. On this point, he has more faith in the judicial system than many of his Treehouse colleagues.

Like all the "Treepers," though, he has real problems with witness #8, the elusive "Dee Dee," the girl who had been on the phone with Trayvon Martin in the moments leading up to his shooting by Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida, on February 26, 2012. This mystery witness remained unknown even to Team Trayvon, the legal/PR machine headed by Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, until March 18, 2012. Instead of contacting the police after discovering her, Crump contacted ABC's always pliable Matt Gutman. Gutman was uniquely allowed to listen to a phone interview with Dee Dee on March 19 but not ask questions.

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