Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Journalist Discovers Concealed Carry

In a USA today column, journalist John Boyle experimented with carrying a concealed weapon.   It expanded his horizons, as stepping outside of comfortable self-limits often does.  From usatoday.com:
For my part, I don't see myself continuing to walk into Subway or go grocery shopping with a loaded .25-caliber pistol in my front pocket, or my .357 magnum on my hip.

It just seems like it would lead to way more problems than it would solve.

I'm glad to have the permit, should I ever feel the need to carry frequently, but for now, I think I'm going to stick with the pepper spray.
Mr. Boyle has joined the ranks of the majority of Americans who see concealed carry as a practical answer to serious, but unusual, problems.  His article will resonate with most of his readers, and it contributes to the ongoing re-discovery of America's second amendment roots.    After all, the revolutionary war started when the government attempted to disarm people.

What is glaringly obvious is the lack of the usual demonization of gun owners in the article.  No mention of "Neanderthals".  No stereotyping of the "Wild West".  No pseudo-intellectual fixation on the size of gun owner's sexual organs.

In other words, Mr. Boyle described reality as he experienced it.

Congratulations, John.    

While I disagree with John's summation:
And be sure you're mentally able and willing to kill someone. I'm not joking — that's what this is about.
I do not think that is what this is all about, but it is an important part.   Yes, you should not carry unless you have made the decision that you could kill someone.  But it is much more about having the ability to protect yourself and others than simply the willingness to use deadly force when necessary.

After all, most incidents in which guns are used for protection are resolved without any shots being fired, perhaps as many as 50 - 1.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Not everybody is cut out for it.
I had no problem with a .22 Beretta is my back pocket or a 1911 on my hip.
But that's me.