Tuesday, June 02, 2015

NH Kimberly Morin: Is Governor Maggie Hassan really a champion for women’s rights?

On Friday the New Hampshire Senate was scheduled to vote Senate Bill 116 (SB 116) aka Constitutional Carry in a conference of committee to agree with the house changes. The bill will now make its way to Governor Maggie Hassan’s desk.

Hassan already stated, in kabuki theatre with Moms Demand Action of New Hampshire, that she would veto the bill. This is after thousands of women across the state have asked Hassan to pass the bill so they will no longer be discriminated against by their police chiefs. This is after thousands of women across New Hampshire have asked that their rights be restored to what they previously were.

Before women gained the right to vote in 1920, they were able to protect themselves how they saw fit, including carrying a concealed firearm. In 1923, legislation was passed that allowed state-sanctioned discrimination and gave control of pistol licensing to selectman and/or chiefs of police.

Flash forward to 2015 and you find incidents across the state where police chiefs (mostly men) are indeed using the pistol license law from 1923 to discriminate against women for being women. One woman was courageous enough to testify to this at the Senate Hearings for SB 116. Many others have also told their stories but are too intimidated by their police chiefs to speak publicly about it.

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Anonymous said...

Criminal intimidation can take many forms. When people start to understand what criminal intimidation is we will be able to remove many corrupt cops. Cops are required to know the laws they enforce. Their badge is not a Nuremberg defense. They have no power to demand your name unless you have been arrested. they can not claim you resisted arrested if they have not told you that you are being arrested. Point of legal fact if a cop touches you before he tells you you are being arrested That is criminal assault. telling you you can not video tape or record their activities is a lie or legally a fraud. Officers must submit to higher authority, the civilians and must surrender to a citizens arrest. don't believe me read it for yourself. If a cop resists citizens arrest the citizen is authorized to use any force necessary to effect the arrest. When a cop arrests you he is required to tell you what charge you are being arrested for. When we start holding cops to the higher standard required of them their bullying techniques will stop or they will be looking for other work.