Tuesday, June 02, 2015

MS: Alleged Kidnappers of Handgun Competitor: 1 Dead, 1 Corrections Officer (picture)

A couple of weeks ago, two armed criminals kidnapped a doctor at gun point.  They did not realize that their intended prey was also a combat handgun competitor who was loading guns and ammunition into his vehicle.  They forced him to take his vehicle to an ATM, where they extracted money.  Then they made a critical mistake.  They threatened his wife.  Accessing a handgun in the door of his vehicle, he shot and killed one of the suspects, Edwin Robinson.   Robinson is the larger man in the picture above.  The other suspect has been captured.

He turned out to be Andre Kennedy, shown on the right.    From wdam.com:
On Wednesday, Corrections Commissioner Marshall Fisher approved immediate suspension without pay of a correctional officer charged in a kidnapping, armed robbery and homicide that occurred in Jackson on Saturday morning.

Fisher learned after Andre Kennedy's arrest that Kennedy is one of 520 officers working at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Rankin County.

Kennedy, 22, was hired in January 2014.

He is charged with capital murder, robbery and kidnapping in a case involving an Eastover homeowner.

His partner in crime was shot and killed in what police are calling justifiable homicide.
The story has been moving at lightspeed all around the gun culture on the Internet.  Gun Watch carried an excerpt and link to the early story.  Now we have confirmation that the shooter was a doctor and combat handgun competitor.

Massad Ayoob calls this a fatal mistake in the victim selection process.  I suspect the good doctor carries more frequently, now.

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Anonymous said...

I have seen that look on Kennedy's face before, In Vietnam a guy decided he just didn't like me. He was known to be unbalanced. we were on guard and I had my back to him. He fired a shot close to my feet on my right side. I switched my loaded M-16 to full auto and slowly turned around and asked him if he had done that. he said yes what are you going to do about it. I said well if you flinch I'm going to cut you in half. I told one of the others to take his weapon and unload it. he never bothered me again. He had a lot of people buffaloed. He was actually a coward and a bully. when he realized I was ready to shoot he pissed his pants. He transferred out a few days later. He had been considered one of the better shots in the outfit until I showed up. It was kind of funny, he walked around always running a cleaning rod down the bore of his M-16 , I guess he was trying to impress others about how well he took care of his weapon. One day I set down at a table to clean my m-16. I took it apart like an armor would and really cleaned it well, he stopped carrying his cleaning rod. That was a few days before his shot. That mean, tough, defiant look doesn't mean much if you don't have the guts to back it up.

Anonymous said...

The good DR should have pumped a couple of extra rounds into his ugly ass when he was down to make sure. I just wonder how many people lives this piece of filth had ruined.