Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Rob Morse: The Painless Ladder of Self-Defense Activism

Excellent essay by Rob Morse.

Gun owners talk about inviting more people into the shooting sports and the self-defense community. That is fine and good, but let’s not forget the 110 million gun owners we already have. They do a lot in their communities today. There is also a lot more we could do to support the right of self-defense. Here is a painless ladder of activism. It is how movements and leaders are made. Step at a time.

Why does activism matter? I can’t ask you to run for office to defend our right of self-defense. Not yet. Most of us are not prepared for that commitment. I understand that. Running for office is simply too much to ask of most of us.. today. Even though you are not in political office yet, there is always something you and your family can do to support the human right of self-defense.

Some of these activities cost money. Others only take time. You can spend what you have. Let’s start at the beginning with someone who isn’t a gun person and see what they can do.

  • Suppose you’re a single mom or dad. You don’t really like guns, but your friends and relatives have firearms in their homes and offices. You want to be responsible parent, so you take a firearms safety class. Now you know how to make a home safe for children if a gun is in the house. You also teach your children to be safe around guns.

  • You have some old guns collecting dust. You take out your favorite one and go shooting. Why did you wait so long?
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