Sunday, October 04, 2015

From Breitbart: Obama Bullies His Nation of Criminals For Rejecting ‘Gun-Control’

President Obama’s shameful, and frankly nauseating, rush to politicize the Oregon shootings — he actually used the word “politicize!” — is easy to understand.

It is all part of the left-wing power-grab strategy of collective guilt.

Normal people think coercive government power should be primarily directed at criminals, so the Left is constantly trying to make the entire population see themselves as criminals. The more collectively guilty we all feel, the more prepared we are to submit to the power of a self-appointed “enlightened” ruling class.

Gun control is not a goal — it is really a means to an end, a vehicle the Left would drive to gain even greater power.

In the short term, it’s an issue that helps them raise money, and to attack an important element of their political opposition. Note how foaming-at-the-mouth liberals rush to accuse the law-abiding National Rifle Association of being accessories to murder, even though they have absolutely nothing to do with any of the politicized crimes.

It is also a means for the Left to express it’s emotional and psychological discomfort about the citizen independence symbolized and promoted by the Second Amendment — from the ability of responsible citizens to defend themselves and their families, to the principle that an armed population should be a check against elite tyranny. It’s not so much that totalitarian liberals fear their quest for power will end with armed citizens rising up in revolt; it’s that they hate it when free people think that way. We’re supposed to be submissive, indeed reverent of authority. We’re supposed to be dependent children, helpless in a vast “gun-free zone” where our very lives are a gift from the benevolent State, placing our trust in a volume of laws that grows far beyond its demonstrated ability to actually prevent crime.
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