Saturday, October 03, 2015

Leftist Political Cartoonist Matt Wuerker nails it with his "The News Cycle" Cartoon

Matt Wuerker (wearing badge), receives Pulitzer Prize.

Matt Wuerker is the cartoonist for Politico, and his cartoons are reliably far left.  But, he occasionally hits one out of the park that is not one sided.

He did it with his The News Cycle cartoon, published on September 28th.

Link to Cartoon here

The cartoon is copyrighted, so you need to click the link to see it.

The cartoon shows the cycle as a deranged man getting the idea that he can die famous by killing a lot of people.  He gets the idea from the news stories about a deranged man becoming famous by killing a lot of people.

Then he commits a horrendous crime, killing a lot of people.

The news crews cover all the gory details, and make his name and image known nationally and internationally.

Then, a deranged man gets the idea that he can at least die famous...

It is a pretty accurate cartoon description of the copycat effect.  I wonder if Matt Wuerker thought of it himself, (as did I) or read about it and discovered that it has been a well known psychological effect for hundreds of years.

The media know all about it, but they continue to make celebrities of the mass killers who kill to become celebrities, even though the killers want to die in the process.

It clearly was a motivation for the latest mass killer, who wrote about it on the Internet.

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