Sunday, December 06, 2015

CO: Woman Shoots Man Breaking Down Door

Neighbors tell Denver7 a woman shot a man who knocked on her apartment door, then kicked it in early Friday morning.

It happened at an apartment complex in the 900-block of South Quince Street, near Quebec Street and Parker Road.

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Anonymous said...

There is a case in La Paz county superior court right now that I believe is a very serious miscarriage of Justice. From what has already been said. the district attorney has lodged several charges against a man that claims he was forced at gun point to evade the police for somewhere around 80 miles and found a place after entering Arizona from California where he could exit the vehicle and get away safely. He ran into cops and surrendered in the desert. He was in custody when the cops shot the woman with the gun. several rounds to the chest and one to the head. Now the man is charged with that death. I say his crime ended when he surrendered and the cop that shot the woman simply executed her. Now the kicker is when her body was turned over her gun was in its holster. she was shot several times in the chest and once in the head. I call that execution by cop. there is no witness to refute the mans story that he was forced to evade the cops at gun point. the woman was shot repeatedly after the man was in custody. verified by documented evidence. I say the cops should be charged with excessive force and murder. It was reported that the woman shot at police during the chase. The man did not have a gun. I think he is being railroaded to keep from charging the officer.