Saturday, December 05, 2015

Followup NH: Jonathan Cohen has Animal Cruelty Charge Dismissed, Reckless Conduct Pending

The chicken owner has charges of "reckless conduct" pending.

BRENTWOOD -- A judge has dismissed a felony animal cruelty charge against an Epping man accused of shooting his neighbor's pit bull in the face after it got loose and allegedly threatened his chickens.

Brentwood Circuit Court Judge David LeFrancois has ruled Epping police did not have probable cause to charge 43-year-old Andrew Freisinger with animal cruelty after the shooting on his property on Sept. 6.

Freisinger was arrested after using a 9mm handgun to shoot Nichole Keezer's 1-year-old female pit bull, Mya, in the left side of her jaw after she got loose and ran onto his property at 80 St. Laurent St.

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Sam Welman said...

Good, Animal Cruelty Charges Dismissed. however, yet another pitbull owner who will not take responsibility for the killing the dog does. It is a shame the dog has to suffer due to the owners inability to care for the dog.
you would think you have the right to defend yourself from a dog on your property but they intend to try and convict on reckless conduct.