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Guns of the San Bernardino Terrorists

The above is a screenshot of the guns of the San Bernardino terrorists.  It has been reported that they had two "assault rifles".  From
After they were killed in a shootout, two suspects in Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino were found to have been carrying AR-15 assault rifles, pistols and many magazines of ammunition, ATF Agent Meredith Davis said.
The New York Times and other outlets repeated the misinformation that was put out by the ATF.  In Agent Davis' defense, she did say "commonly referred to as" before she said "assault rifles".  The rifles are not "assault rifles", which is a technical term, though they may be "assault weapons" a legal term defined under California law, which varies from state to state. 

The rifles had been illegally altered to accept detachable magazines, and the terrorists had possession of numerous standard capacity magazines, instead of the reduced capacity magazines mandated by California law.  One of the rifles was manufactured by DPMS and the other was a Smith & Wesson  M&P 15.   It has been reported that there was an attempt to convert the M&P15 to full auto fire.

 San Bernardino DPMS rifle

San Bernardino S&W M&P15 rifle

Both rifles were equipped with reflex optical sights, iron backup sights, vertical foregrips, slings, and retractable stocks.   From
Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, the suspects in the Wednesday shooting that left 14 people dead and 21 wounded, were armed with four guns. They carried two .223-caliber semiautomatic weapons and two 9mm semiautomatic pistols, according to San Bernardino Police Chief Jarrod Burguan.

The two semiautomatic rifles were versions of the popular AR-15 model, according to San Bernardino officials. One was made by DPMS Inc., and the other by Smith & Wesson.
Early reports had claimed that one of the pistols was made by Smith & Wesson, but that was later corrected to Springfield Armory.  The other pistol was made by Llama.  Both pistols were chambered in the popular 9x19 cartridge, commonly known as the 9mm Luger. 

The Springfield Armory pistol appears to be an XD-S

The Llama is one of their 1911 type clones.  Note that the bottom of the slide is machined straight all the way to the muzzle.

The pistols have been said to have been legally purchased by Syed Farook in California four years ago.  It is not known if the pistols were fired during the attack.

 The two attackers have been reported as having 1,600 rounds of rifle ammunition and 200 rounds of pistol ammunition at the end of the gunfight with police.

Numerous gun and other laws were broken by Syed Farook and his partner.  The rifles were illegally altered.  They illegally manufactured explosive devices designed as anti-personnel, in violation of federal and California law. They transported the guns and explosive devices in violation of California law, on several counts.  Does it need to be said that they illegally murdered people, destroyed property, shot at police, and placed the pubic in danger?

Determined terrorists such as these will always be able to obtain weapons to accomplish their ends, just as was demonstrated in France and other countries.

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Wireless.Phil said...

No where near the amount of ammo reported by the media, who always inflates their stories!

Inside the shooter's home.

In the middle of the living room were two small black tables. On one was a four-page list that included these items: 13 boxes of 50 rounds (22 caliber). 1 bag of 1000 rounds (.223 caliber). budsgunshop invoice. Christmas lights.

On one of the black tables, a list was written in block letters on lined paper. Union Bank receipt. Audiocassettes. iPhone in green case. 1 bag 97 loose rounds (9mm).

Authorities said that along with the guns and ammunition, they found bomb-making materials and 12 pipe-bomb devices in the garage.