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San Bernardino Victim was a Jew who was Threatened Hours before the Attack

Isn't it ironic that a Messianic Jew, Nicholas Thalasinos, was one of the people killed in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino.  Nicholas was a co-worker with the shooter, and had argued with him, saying that Islam is violent.  Maybe that is why he was killed, to show how non-violent Islam is.  He is reported to have been threatened with death just hours before the attack.  The NY post is reported to be using the fact that he called Islam violent a possible reason for the attack.  From facebook, Carl Ludwig:
This literally makes me sick.
Nicholas Thalasinos was a friend of mine on Facebook. He was a critique of Islam and a supporter of Israel. He was also a Messianic Jew.
The NY Post paid tribute to him by mocking him and his posts about Islam and they all but called him a hateful bigot.
Couldn't you make a compelling case that Nicholas was right about Islam?
NY Post...go to Hell.
 On his "about" page:
Studied Conservatism at Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies
Past: School of Hard Knocks, The University of Life
One of his facebooks friends says that he was threatened on facebook by Muslims just hours before he was killed.   From Erica Karas:
Blessed be the memory of Nicholas Thalasinos! He loved Yisrael and Jewish people. Muslim extremists had been sending him threatening Facebook messages. He posted one of these messages at 12:30 AM on December 2, 2015, approximately, eleven hours before the San Bernardino shooting started! Now we have lost him forever. Nick was very courageous and spoke the truth. It is my honest belief that Nicholas was murdered because of his alliance with Israel and Jewish people.

Here is the message that the Muslim extremist named Med Ali Zarouk sent Nick via Facebook @ 9:20 PM on December 1, 2015: "you will never sucsseed to make a country for jews , because you are criminals and cowards ,you are juste using usa and europe to fight for you , soon you ll get your ass kicked , you will die and never see israel as country believe me never "

This is a direct quote from Nicholas's Facebook timeline that he posted yesterday around 12:30 AM. Nick started the post by writing, "Here is a message sent to me by the ANTISEMITIC BRAIN SURGEON Med Ali Zarouk:" This was, clearly, a terrorist attack, yet the authorities still will not admit it. Holy G-D let the truth come out and justice be served! AMEN!
It is hard to see Islam as a "religion of peace" when the way that "peace" is achieved is by killing everyone who disagrees with you.  I suppose that is "peace" of a sort.

I wonder if Nick was a member of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).  Even if he were, the San Benardino Sheriff gives out very low percentages of concealed carry permits.  Only .154% of the people in the County have permits.  In Sierra County, California, 3.6% of the residents have concealed carry permits, in Los Angeles County, only .00553% of the people have a concealed carry permit.  In the entire United States, nearly 5% of adults have concealed carry permits.  That does not count the seven states that do not require permits, or the three where permits are not required over 95% of the territory of the state.

It is sad that Nick was murdered.  It is sad that he was unable to defend himself, and it is especially sad that some people want to blame him, the victim, for his own murder.

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