Monday, December 14, 2015

Pearl Harbor Coverage by Today's Media (modern samizdat art)

More samizdat art illustrating the type of coverage that the Pearl Harbor attack would have received if the media had treated it as they do Islamic terrorists attacks today.

To fully appreciate the satire, you have to know that Japanese forces attacked Pearl Harbor by surprise.  You have to know that this was the historical event that drew the United States into World War Two.  You have to know that the attack was by aircraft launched from aircraft carriers.  You have to know that the United States response was swift and decisive.

You have to know that Republicans were the minority party when it happened,and that they supported the war effort immediately.

If you do not know these facts, much of the satire will be lost.

This is the sort of art produced and distributed in the new media when the old media cartel is trying to "manufacture consent" and has lost touch with the views of most of the population.

It has become harder and harder for the media cartel to control the terms of debate and set the agenda for the nation.  Donald Trump is the direct beneficiary of that.

The media cartel can no longer control the flow of information without massive government intervention.  It has lost its ability to determine which candidates are allowed to run for office.   The presidential election is showing that to be true.

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