Tuesday, December 08, 2015

WA: Armed Man has Suspects Call 911

Officials in Cowlitz County say a southern Washington man managed to keep a pair of suspected burglars at bay until the cops showed up. Now, the local sheriff's office is applauding his efforts.


 Lahti, gun in hand, told the two men to get on their knees. Not only did he detain them until deputies arrived, he says his phone was not working, so he had one of the men call 911 on themselves. A spokesperson for Cowlitz County Sheriff's Office says the citizens' arrest is an example of the benefits of someone arming themselves safely, legally and with proper training.

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Greg Williams said...

But, but, but...."everyone" knows we civilians are not "properly" trained.

Anonymous said...

At one time the local sheriff's department considered contracting with me to teach all of the local officers to shoot better and teach them my technique. several years later they started harassing me for all kinds of things, just to bully. I reminded them who I was and the harassment stop instantly. I guess some of them remembered my demonstration.