Saturday, April 02, 2016

Forensics of Michelle Field's Bruised Arm in Lewandowski Case

Above is the celebrated self photo of Michelle Fields bruised arm.  I invite forensic experts to analyze the pattern of the bruises.  I am not a forensic expert, but there are a few questions I have for those who are.

In the complaint taken by the Jupiter Police Department,  officer Marc Bujnowski says that he observed the bruises on 29 March, 2016. Correction, the notice to appear was issued on the 29th of March, the evidence was seen on 18 March.

This is Ms Fields left arm.  It is alleged that Mr. Lewandowski grabbed her with his right hand, causing the bruises.   He is alleged to have grabbed the left arm from behind and to the left of Ms Fields.  My questions for the forensic experts on bruising are:

1. The biggest, bruise appears to be highest up on the arm, while the smallest seems to be lowest.  There appears to be a bruise for each of four fingers.  Is this typical bruising for a grab?

2.  If typical, does it indicate that the hand doing the bruising had the forefinger on the upper part of the arm, and the pinky on the lower part of the arm?

3.  Is the grip in a reasonable position for the right hand of a person, approaching from behind, to grab the left arm of a person in front of them?

4.  Could the bruises be self inflicted?

My amateur expectations of the answers, done with a few geometrical exercises with a lady neighbor, are that the positioning of the bruises are consistent with both a grab from behind, right hand to left arm, and self inflicted bruises, right hand to left arm.

Measurement of the spacing of the bruises might give an indication if they are consistent with the hand size of either Mr. Lewandowski or Michelle Fields.  But, that is unclear, because there is spacing between the individual bruises.

Some have suggested that because Ms Fields was wearing a jacket, the bruises are unusually distinct; that a jacket would blur the bruises into a single mark.  I would like forensic experts to opine on that possibility.

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RedHatty said...

One more question. How long ago was the trauma based on the coloration of the bruise.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I've had FAR darker bruises after being grabbed while taking Motrin or Sodium Naproxin. I wonder if I can sue my wife?

Wireless.Phil said...

I've seen bigger bruises left by night club and bar bouncers, will they charge them too?

chauchat said...

My 95-year-old grandmother sometimes grabbed me or punched me, usually in jest. Bruises on me were more pronounced, and I do not have the soft, fluffy, pale flesh of Fields. I am not exaggerating.

To complain about bruises is, in any universe, a complete embarrassment. Suck it up, buttercup. You're a journalist.
She is a whiner for sure, someone who seems to enjoy the enormous notoriety she's gotten (to a point). There's something very odd about the story, though. It fits much too perfectly into a narrative that powerful people are trying to establish.

Anonymous said...

There is a story out there that says this is not her first claim of assault, seems she has used this ploy before. If the security forces had to take her down she would have many more bruises and would probably have been arrested. I'm no expert on bruises but it would seem to me it was either a very thin jacket or it had to be direct skin contact to give that pattern. several medication can cause easy bruising. Aspirin is one.

Anonymous said...

Where is the picture of the Thumb bruise?

ginnaville said...

Charles C. Johnson at has an excellent article on this whole saga back on March 10. The link has some questionable wording, so I will let readers search it out if they want. (It will be easy to find.) Bottom line: nobody in the media who knows her is surprised by these antics.

Anonymous said...

Without a thumb bruise I would have to say it is self inflicted without a thumb bruise it would not be an act of gripping. and impossible to prove it was caused by someone forceful attempt to harm her.

Anonymous said...


In cases of suspected child abuse, bruises on the buttocks are considered suspicious because they indicate direct contact (not through diapers or clothing.) So normal clothing is considered enough to prevent accidental bruising. My bet is she is anemic or something, and simply bruises easily.

The real issue here is that Corey was acting in concert with the secret service, in furtherance of their lawful charge (to keep people from grabbing Trump.) This should indemnify him outright.