Wednesday, April 06, 2016

LA: Open Carrier Attacked; Shoots, Kills Attacker

"The video shows the deceased, who his larger than the shooter, physically shoving and pulling the shooter back and forth. The video also shows the deceased attempting to grab for the firearm. The shooter order the deceased back and told him he would shoot him if he did not stop," said a statement from police.

"The shooter retreated into a corner of the store while still being attacked. With nowhere left to retreat, the shooter fires one round striking the deceased. The deceased does not stop his attacks and the shooter fires two more rounds, striking the subject, who then falls to the ground," the statement concluded.

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Anonymous said...

I love it when they call the aggressive attacker the victim. The victim is a man that has to live with the thought that he was forced to take a life now for the rest of his.

Wireless.Phil said...

I see LA and I think Los Angles.

joe3 said...

2 hotties on the news desk. No pic of the miscreant.