Wednesday, August 03, 2016

CA: Years later, Body Found in Rented Cadillac Juled Justified Homicide

This justified homicide almost certainly was not included in the FBI UCR numbers.

It’s a nightmare made real.

An Eastside Costa Mesa resident awoke in the dead of night one spring to a burglar in his bedroom who then doused him in pepper spray. Somehow the homeowner found a nearby handgun and fired off several shots in the intruder’s direction.

On Friday Costa Mesa police detailed a caper that stretches from Los Angeles to Mexico over four years and involves a dead body in the back of a rented Cadillac, a fugitive art dealer, a string of burglaries and, of course, social media.

Police contend that days after that burglary-gone-awry in May of 2012 Los Angeles police discovered the decomposing body of 33-year-old Steven Simmons found wrapped in a painter’s tarp and plastic in the back of a rented Cadillac Escalade.

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