Sunday, December 04, 2016

OH: Officer Horujko, Stopped Terror Attack, Competitive Shooter

Here are some details about the Ohio State University officer who acted so quickly and decisively to stop the terrorist car and knife attack Monday morning, the 28th of November, about 9 a.m.  Horujko was president of his high school rocket club, leading him toward an engineering degree.  From
Horujko graduated from Fairfield High School in 2007, according to previous reporting by The Enquirer. President of the school's rocket club, he planned to major in engineering.
Horujko, like many engineers, liked guns. He was a competitive shooter. But Horujco found he was not passionate about engineering. He liked police work better. He switched his major.  From
Horujko, who listed himself as a "competitive shotgun shooter," trained to be a police officer at the Delaware Area Career Center. He worked as a security guard and then as an officer for OhioHealth hospitals in Columbus.
He is extremely fit. He is an runner.  From AP at
Horujko, 28, was placed on administrative leave Monday and the investigation turned over to Columbus police, consistent with protocol for police shootings. Horujko appears to be an avid runner, with several half-marathons under his belt, according to online race results.
Smart, exceptionally fit, a firearms competitor. This puts officer Horujko into a very exclusive group of peace officers.  Ohio University is fortunate that he was so close to the scene of the attack, and was able to respond so quickly.

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Anonymous said...

The real reason the response was so quick is being overlooked; Pres Drake is not advertising it either, choosing to make the security force look better than they are. They were already en-route due to the fire alarm being pulled earlier. This one was a matter of luck.