Saturday, January 07, 2017

Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting Gun A Walther PPS?

The image above has been credited as being the firearm used in the Fort Lauderdale Airport shooting on 6 January, 2017.  While the image is a little fuzzy, it appears to be a Walther PPS. You can see the distinctive trigger guard magazine release, the slot above the trigger guard and back of the rail for the serial number, the single finger groove and the shape of the extended magazine.   On the rear heal of the grip is a triangular smooth area that should have the Walther banner in it, and grip is slightly relieved and smooth in a triangular area just to the rear of the trigger.

Any help on identifying this particular variant from a fuzzy photo would be appreciated.  Some PPS pistols have the square hole behind the takedown slot, others do not. 

The M2 version moved the mag release to behind the trigger guard. Walther PPS pistols have several magazines available. Six, seven, and eight round magazines are common in 9mm,  five, six, and seven rounds in .40 S&W.  The gun in the picture seems to have the seven or eight round magazine.

We do not know how many shots were fired at the airport yet.  The pistol was unloaded and in a hard case and locked as required by airport security.

The pistol seems to have been checked into checked baggage (not carried on the plane)  properly by TSA in Anchorage.  It seems a long way to go to shoot people in a baggage claim at an airport.
Baggage claim is not a sanitized area inside the secure zone, but Florida is one of a few states where baggage claim is a gun free zone where concealed carry by permit holders is not allowed.

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Anonymous said...

Clearly proves gun free zones only create multiple targets of opportunity for any one that has no desire to obey the law. TSA is a sham. any law abiding citizen could have dropped the shooter before he did so much damage. Just makes my point self defense is your own responsibility and your rights travel with you where ever you are. It is so completely ignorant to make targets out of any one in what the shit heads call a gun free zone. Maybe this incident will shine enough light on TSA to get them shut down any time you walk down the street you travel at your own risk if you choose to fly or take a train or a bus you are still traveling at your own risk. You go through all of that wasted time and effort to make sure nobody is armed then you get to cruising altitude and an EMP knocks out all of the planes electrical and you crash like a rock dies it matter how you die or that you are dead? at least if you are armed and some idiot wants to start shooting every body you can shoot back and may be save your life and the lives of others. I would like to wound one of these idiots just enough that he could not stop me from making him appreciate the pain he has caused other for a couple of hours. I'm sure I could make a convert out of him.

ted said...

The msm was spouting off about two reloads and saying 30 to 60 rounds fired, naturally, accentuating the higher number. I couldn't ID the gun, but It was obviously a smaller model and likely a single stack. So, at best, 25 rounds total.

Terry Croup said...

Looks like a PPS to me. I have one. Not sure of the caliber from this photo.