Monday, July 08, 2013

Insurance Companies make Risky Decision to Drop Schools that Allow Teachers to Protect Students

Several insurance companies have decided to drop coverage for schools that allow armed teachers to defend students in Kansas.   

The three insurance companies that have been identified so far are EMC Insurance Company, of Des Moines Iowa,  Continental Western Group, based in Urbandale, also in the Des Moines area, and Wright Specialty Insurance, out of New York.

EMC claims that  the decision is not a political one, but one based on risk.   The numbers do not seem to bear this out.   All of the mass shootings in public schools have occurred where teachers are not allowed to be armed to protect students, and a principal in one school was able to stop a mass shooting after he was able to procure a pistol from his vehicle that was parked off campus.

Armed citizens have stopped numerous mass killings,so it appears likely that armed and trained teachers will reduce risk rather than increase it.

Armed staff are allowed in Utah, New Hampshire, Hawaii, and Oregon, although it is unknown how many schools actually have armed staff on campus.  At least one Texas school has encouraged armed staff.

No problems have been reported in those states with armed teachers.  

At least one insurance company appears to be willing to work with schools that allow armed teachers to defend students.

Israel and Thailand have armed some school teachers and have been able to prevent many attacks on schools.

One solution could be to remove the liability of schools for discharges of guns on their property if their armed employee has a concealed carry permit, as Wisconsin has done for private businesses.

The difficulty that the insurance companies face is that they may lose clients to companies that look at the risk possibilities from a different perspective.  What is the potential for risk if a school board could have allowed armed teachers, decided not to, and then suffers from a school shooting?  It seems possible that the school could then be held liable for choosing not to defend their students in this manner.

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Wireless.Phil said...

Now Ohio too!

Ohio school district to allow some employees to carry guns

Associated Press

Published: July 8, 2013 - 10:02 AM

NEWCOMERSTOWN, OHIO: Some employees of an eastern Ohio school district will be allowed to carry guns on school property under a new policy going into effect in the fall.

The Newcomerstown Exempted Village School District board recently approved a policy authorizing certain employees designated by the board and superintendent to carry guns, the Times-Reporter of New Philadelphia reports.