Wednesday, December 02, 2015

CJ Grisham, President OCT: Why Not Carry In K-12

Excellent article by CJ Grisham:

With Campus Carry less than a year away in Texas, Universities are scrambling to find as many places to ban the concealed carry of a handgun by licensed Texans as possible. Since the bill passed in June, liberals in student government and the educational elite have kicked into high gear to oppose the law in any possible.

One of the talking points by the left is that guns need to be banned around the kids. “We need to protect the kids.” Universities are already releasing their recommendations and top of the list is any building or area where there is a dual credit high school presence or a child care facility. This begs the questions, “What makes a child care facility any more or less dangerous than anywhere else on campus?”

This is obviously an issue that the gun grabbers don’t want to talk about because it would expose an obvious flaw in their thinking. However, this is not the biggest problem gun rights face in Texas. The biggest problem is that so-called conservatives and “gun rights” organizations have bought into this nonsense.

There’s an irony to the debate between those that support gun control and those that support broad gun rights in that we all really want the same thing: to be safe and feel protected. The problem is that we haven’t beliefs about what that means. Or do we?

Everywhere you look, you hear conservatives swallowing and regurgitating the same liberal mindset that for some reasons we’re supposed to be afraid that kids might be around someone with a gun. *GASP

Take, for example, the current debate raging in Michigan. It all started when a law abiding parent open carried at his kid’s school – something perfectly legal in Michigan. However, instead of people shrugging their shoulders and asking “So?” we have people losing their ever-loving minds!

“People should just be outraged,” said [Grand Rapids Superintendent Teresa Weatherall] Neal, about allowing guns on school campuses. “We will go down to the bitter end saying that it is wrong. Parents and community members need to come together and say this is not in the best interest of our children.”

Why should people be outraged? What’s the big deal? Does the presence of kids under a certain age cause law abiding gun owners to all the sudden feel the need to slaughter innocent children and go on shooting rampaging because they cross the threshold of a K-12 school? Or is the real reason people should be outraged much more sinister?
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Anonymous said...

How many of the kids at sandy hook were armed to defend themselves. seems to me those too young to carry need armed protection. I'll bet there was not one of those first and second graders that was over 18 or 21. I'm pretty sure none of them had concealed carry permits. Note the constitution places no age limit on the right to life.

Anonymous said...

If those that are too young to protect themselves can not carry, what protections do they have? Most states that allow people to carry also allow for armed people to protect others. why should children in schools not be allowed to be protected? If there is any blame to place on people for dead children it is those that demand no protection be permitted.