Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Disarmist Chicago Police Chief McCarthy Fired!

Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy of Chicago has been sacked by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.  It seems that Rahm saw an opportunity to throw McCarthy under the bus to please protesters.  From the
At a morning news conference originally called to announce the appointment of a task force on police accountability, Emanuel said he and McCarthy had started “a conversation” about the direction of the department on Sunday, and by Tuesday, he was asking for McCarthy’s resignation.

Superintendent McCarthy has been a vociferous proponent of strict gun control laws, and an opponent of any loosening of the draconian laws in Chicago.   

 Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy today called for tougher gun laws and reiterated his opposition to legalizing the concealed carry of handguns in Illinois.
McCarthy had numerous scandals over the years, none of which were deemed sufficient to fire him.  There are several listed by  A particularly ironic one was when McCarthy was shooting out street lights with his brother and another officer in New York.
On a separate incident McCarthy who was also out drunk again on City Island one evening was shooting out street lights with two other police officers one of whom was McCarthy’s brother whom is a New York State Trooper.

When McCarthy was confronted by an NYPD Sgt concerning the shooting incident McCarthy had retaliated against the officer later on who insisted on pursuing the shooting incident as a criminal matter. Needless to say the incident was quietly swept under the rug by the NYPD!
It is hard to see that much will change in Chicago. It is unlikely that anyone better than McCarthy will be appointed Superintendent.  One can always hope.

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