Tuesday, December 15, 2015

From the NRA: The Year In Pathetic Gun “Buyback” Attempts

For many big-city officials, there’s nothing quite like a good gun “buyback.” They get lots of publicity, and they look (to the uninformed, at least) as if they’re doing something tangible to cut down on violent crime and accidental gun deaths. Gun “buybacks” are voluntary and pleasantly evoke reward instead of punishment for compliance; there’s an air of benevolent paternalism about them that probably gives many a mayor or police chief a sense of pride. The problem, of course, is that they’re worthless.

Or worse than worthless, even—street gangs and other organized crime organizations with access to large numbers of illegal firearms are quite capable of turning in their less valuable or damaged surplus guns in return for the funds to buy nice new ones. Extensive evidence reveals that gun “buybacks” do nothing to reduce crime and are a waste of money—usually supplied by taxpayers!—but since they make people feel good, they don’t appear to be going anywhere.

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Gun "buybacks", as if PDs ever sold them in the first place, are a joke. Unused old guns turned in by harmless widows do not magically make street violence vanish. No questions asked,great way for bangers to dump incriminating evidence and get paid for it. Truly a "wise" way to tackle violent crime.