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IL: Surprise! Criminals fear Death more than Arrest in Chicago

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In Chicago, the rule of law has broken down. There have been 749 homicides  homicides so far this year, according to the web site Those are all withing the city limits of Chicago. Chicago's population is 2.7 million. Given that we have over three weeks to go to the end of the year, the annual homicide rate for Chicago will be over 28 per 100,000.  That falls into the rates typical for places where the rule of law has failed. Places like South Africa (32), Brazil (25), the American Virgin Islands (33), Puerto Rico (24), and Jamaica(36).

28 is the overall rate for the entire city. In reality, some neighborhoods are much more violent, others have a very low homicide rate. It is all very predictable and based on human nature. When the rule of law cannot be relied on, people fear the law less than they fear their enemies.  Grudges, blood feuds, and tribalism (or the proto-tribes known as "gangs") flourish.

It is reasonable to fear being disarmed more than being arrested for being armed. From
But what of the trigger men and boys?

"Their greatest fear is that they'll be caught on the street without a gun," Dart said. "They're not worried about being caught with a gun, but without a gun. There is a certain logic to it. They know the system, but that's not what they're afraid of."
In the gun culture, the saying is "It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6."

It was nice of Cook County Sheriff Dart to remind us of this fact. It is something that occasionally intrudes into the bubble surrounding those who want a disarmed public.

In Chicago it is exacerbated by the Ferguson Effect, where police, repeatedly attacked by the media and "progressives", (but I repeat myself) pull back from violent neighborhoods.

The Chicago Tribune and Sheriff Dart have discovered a fundamental truth known by most for thousands of years. Keep it up.  Before you know it, you will be reading the Federalist Papers.

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Anonymous said...

Street justice is alive and thriving in Chicago. That is what happens when the rule of law becomes the rulers of, by and for corrupt law. Absent a functioning, true and fair and faithful to the rule of law justice system, the laws of the streets and street justice take over.

The Democrats own this, all of this, lock stock and barrel. Their policies, their RULE, their rules, their "governance" if you an ven call it that, is responsible for this, all of it. City, County and State government is all controlled by democrats and has been for a very very long time. Generations. Between the illegal aliens, the born dependent and the violations of rights, not the least of which is limited to gun prohibitions, the Democrats have the trifecta.

Sure, there was lots of money to skim for half a century, but now the money to skim is all gone, more going fast in the form of debt service and oh so many promises made are coming due. Their little ball of numbers is coming apart at the seams. We approach half again the number of dead as compared to last year. Half again!
Rahm paid No Price for literally hiding the McDonald video from thelight of day to get elected again. And Rahms answer is to double down, just like Michael Madigan told him to. Then, when Trump cuts off the loot, ALL OF IT will be blamed on the Republicans, Rauner and Trump - the two former democrat turned republican rich businessmen. That is their cake. The frosting is that these new dead numbers will be associated with the new carry law put in place. Wait for that, it is only a matter of time.

Let's just say that the near future is not the best time to go to Chicago, for anything.

Anonymous said...

The two guys in the picture look like the type you shoot for practice.

Anonymous said...

Street thugs today understand only one thing: the code of the street.

When confronted by PD, street thugs immediately verbally assert (with cocksure voice): "I AIN'T GOT NO GUN", even if they really ARE illegally carrying a concealed firearm. This helps destroy reasonable suspicion to detain/search, and could later be helpful to throw out a thug's weapons charges in court.

At least one self-defense writer has suggested potential victims use this same technique if they are being eyed or sized-up by street thugs. Whether covertly carrying a firearm or not, verbally assert (with equally cocksure voice), "I AIN'T GOT NO GUN". Street thugs will interpret the intended victim as really having a gun, and choose another target.

[this information should not be relied upon as self-defense or legal advice]

Anonymous said...

Poster number one ; personally I have been planning for this for years I knew the bubble would have to break. I'm not in the best place but few places are better. people think I am a miser and a hoarder but I'm ready and they are not. good planning fixes everything. the world may go to hell but I have a great field of fire. bring it on. what I do not have I can make as I need it. If things greatly improve I can sell what I do not need or use. if things get worse I already have everything I need for a long time.