Sunday, July 12, 2009

Angry Kentucky doctor killed in shooting : "Police are investigating a deadly shooting over the weekend, involving a well known doctor in Lexington. 27NEWSFIRST has learned Rodney Mann was shot and killed Sunday outside a home on Four Mile Road in Clark County. About a month ago, Dr. Mann contacted NEWSFIRST about an incident he had in the parking lot of Sam's Club in which he says a man keyed his car after an altercation. The damage was said to have cost Dr. Mann $1,100 worth of damage to his Acura. Police say Dr. Mann then went to the man's home in Clark County and began to slash the tires to his car. The homeowner caught Mann slashing the tires on his truck and came out to confront him. Police say Mann had two guns and a knife on him and say during the fight the owner was able to get one gun away from him and shoot him. Police have not charged the man who pulled the trigger. They're investigating if the shooting was in self defense."

TN: Resolution would ban guns in Williamson County parks: “A new resolution seeks to bar gun owners from bringing weapons to any Williamson County-owned park, trail or historic site. Beginning Sept. 1, handgun owners who have carry permits can bring their guns to all local parks in Tennessee, unless leaders in local governments choose to ban them. The General Assembly passed the new law a few weeks ago. But the resolution sponsored by County Commissioners Mary Brockman, Mary Mills and Judy Hayes would prevent gun owners from bringing their guns to all public parks owned and operated by Williamson County. That would include nature trails, waterways, greenways, historic parks and other similar places. The issue will be discussed at 5 p.m. tonight at a meeting of the county Property Committee, at the Williamson County Administrative Complex in Franklin. The entire board of county commissioners will vote on the matter July 13.”

No logic to gun fears : “Saturday, July 4, we celebrate American independence! During this time I hope that Americans will take a few minutes to reflect on how we gained our independence … while so many, to this very day, are still unable to achieve liberty. The fact is, we can thank our success on one thing — the individual right to bear arms. If it were not for the firearms owned by private citizens in the late 1700s, the British would have easily defeated us. Yet so many today are willing to give up this basic right in the hope that government will be there to protect them and will never become oppressive.”

You bet it’s personal: “Agree to disagree. Live and let live, right? This is the attitude of most people in Atlanta today about controversial topics. We all can disagree and yet still get along.Does this philosophy hold up when applied to the ‘gun control’ debate? I think not.It does from my side of the argument. I carry a gun every day. … I also view my gun as a necessary tool that might save my life or the life of somebody close to me in an emergency situation.At the same time, I realize most people do not carry a gun on a daily basis. I am ok with that, and I do not seek to force any of them to start carrying a gun. Let’s call my position the ‘pro-choice’ position. Now let us examine the same issue from the other side.”

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