Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conn. man uses shotgun to stop burglar: "Police say a Plainfield man scared away a burglar Monday night when he fired a shotgun blast at the intruder. According to Plainfield police, John Gold of 112 E. Shepard Hill Road in Central Village, was awakened shortly before 10:45 p.m. Monday by a noise coming from inside his home. After first dismissing the sound, Gold was startled to hear more noise from inside his house and got up to investigate, police said. Looking out into a hallway from inside his bedroom, he saw a flashlight beam moving in another part of the house. Gold tried unsuccessfully to find his cell phone to call 911, so he went to his bedroom closet and retrieved a shotgun and shells he kept there. As he attempted to load a shell into the gun, he was confronted in the bedroom by the intruder, police said. Gold fired one shot at the intruder, who quickly fled. Police said it did not appear the intruder was struck by the shot. A search by police, along with a police dog unit from the Danielson state police barracks, turned up no sign of the man, who may have fled in a car."

Florida invader dies after being shot twice by oldster: “There were two knocks at my door,” Harvell said. “I didn’t get up when I heard the first one. But I decided to go see who it was on the second knock.” As Harvell cracked the door open to take a peek outside, a man dressed in a black T-shirt, black jeans with a blue bandanna covering his mouth, forced his way inside. Harvell said the man, later identified as Octavius Barnes, 24, of Sanford, Fla., shot him with a stun gun, causing Harvell to fall back on his bed. The intruder then pulled out what appeared to be a black pistol and demanded money. Harvell pulled out his money clip and gave the robber half of the cash. When pressed to give more, Harvell said he turned it all over. But Harvell then reached for his .357 magnum among a pile of papers on the floor next to his bed and shot Barnes near the stomach. Barnes fell over on the TV, knocking it onto Harvell, who fired another round, striking Barnes in the head. “I did what I did to try and save myself,” Harvell said Monday afternoon, after spending the night with his sister in Bristol. “I’m 82-years-old. I’ve made it this far, and I want to keep on living.” The call came in about 9:20 p.m., according to the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy arrived, with her weapon drawn, Harvell said he told her, “There’s no need for the gun. I don’t think he’s going to get up and do anything else.”

Alaska man holds robbers with Glock: "Daniel Ames reckons he dealt one for the good guys on Saturday night near Soldotna when he came home, found two burglars in his house, wrestled with them over a pistol, then took them down, telling them he was going to blow off their knees if they didn't start following his orders. One of the two 21-year-olds charged with the burglary turned out to be Ames' next-door neighbor, according to a report from the Alaska State Troopers. The young man registered a blood alcohol content of .418, which is more than five times the legal limit to drive. The 49-year-old construction worker was returning home from work on Saturday around 9 p.m. when a neighbor told him some kids were wandering around near his home, which was being remodeled. He rushed home to find his neighbor, Chance Tallman, and Joshua Simons trying to walk out of his house with a $125 ceiling fan, he said. "What are you two buttheads doing in my house?" he said. To that, apparently, one of the young men said, "Who are you calling buttheads?" and began to pull out a Glock pistol. Ames grabbed for it and began wrestling, thrashing Tallman's hand against wall studs to loosen his grip. The gun broke loose and then, according to Ames, the men looked ready to carry on with their fists. That's when he pulled out his own concealed weapon, also a Glock. He shot into the ground to let the burglars know he was serious, he said. He told the men to get down on their knees. If they didn't, he was going to blow off their kneecaps. Troopers charged Tallman with burglary, theft, assault and misconduct with a weapon. Simons faces burglary and theft charges. Trooper Sgt. James Truesdell, who investigated the case, said that when he arrived Ames had both men on the ground in the front yard."

Brits ban guns, increase knife crime: “The number of people killed by knives rises in areas targeted by a major anti-knife crime programme, officials say. The government’s Tackling Knives Action Programme was launched last July by 10 police forces in England and Wales. In its first nine months, 126 people died after being attacked with a knife or other sharp object — seven more than in the same period the previous year.”

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