Sunday, July 05, 2009

FL: Road rage suspect released from jail after being shot by victim: "An elderly man on his way to visit his wife at a Pinellas County hospital ended up shooting a man in self-defense in the hospital's parking lot, according to the Pinellas Sheriff's Office. Detectives say 83-year-old Nathan Snyder was driving to Palms of Pasadena Hospital when he reportedly cut off a motorcycle as he was driving along Pasadena Avenue, about 1/2 mile north of the hospital, just before 3pm Friday afternoon. The motorcycle driver, 64-year-old George Hall, followed Snyder into the hospital's parking lot and confronted him, investigators said. When Snyder opened his car door, detectives say Hall began punching him in the head as Snyder was sitting in his front seat. Snyder, who told detectives he feared for his life, pulled out a handgun and shot Hall in self-defense, according to the Sheriff's Office. Deputies were called to the scene after witnesses called 911. Hall was treated at Palms of Pasadena Hospital for his gunshot wound and later arrested for burglary-battery. He was released on bond just before 9 am Saturday morning. Snyder was transported to Bayfront Medical Center for the injuries he sustained after being punched by Hall. He's currently listed in good condition".

TX: Jury acquits soldier in home shooting: "A jury agreed a soldier acted in self-defense when he shot another man who entered his home. Corporal Timothy Ryan shot his girlfriend's brother in February of 2007. Thursday a Jefferson County jury found him not guility of aggravated assault. Jessica Holloway reports, prosecutors believe the Texas Castle Doctrine will play an increasing role in cases like this one. Ryan and his girlfriend broke up in 2007. She and a group of family members went to gather her belongings from his house at 11 p.m. "These people came uninvited into his home," said Defense Attorney Langston Adams. His girlfriend told jurors when Ryan began throwing pots and pans out of the cabinets, her brother came inside to help. Ryan said it was dark and he thought her brother had a gun. "I was real scared. I was in my own home. I was real scared," said Ryan. Ryan says he fired his weapon out of self-defense. Prosecutors say apparently the jury thought the same thing. "Granted he was in his home and with changes in the Texas law I think verdicts like this will become more common, no matter what the facts are," said Rodriguez."

Woman shoots at Arizona intruders: "A 911 recording released by a southern Arizona sheriff's department captures a woman pleading for help after assailants broke into her home and fatally shot her husband and 9-year-old daughter. The mother can be heard crying out in pain from a gunshot wound she received in the May 30 attack at her home in rural Arivaca. As she politely begs a dispatcher to send help quickly, 31-year-old Gina Marie Gonzalez becomes frantic as the attackers return. They're coming back in! They're coming back in!" she yells to a 911 operator. The sound of at least nine gunshots is heard as Gonzalez engages in a gunbattle with intruders in her home south of Tucson and about 10 miles from border with Mexico. Police say Gonzalez shot and wounded one of her alleged attackers, 34-year-old Jason Eugene Bush of Meadview in northwestern Arizona. Officers believe Bush was the gunman, working with 41-year-old Shawna Forde of Everett, Wash., the alleged ringleader, and 42-year-old Albert Robert Gaxiola of Arivaca, who allegedly provided information about the local area. Forde denied involvement on Friday as she was led from sheriff's headquarters."

Montana jury acquits teen on deliberate homicide charge: "Stephen Thomas was justified for shooting Larry Kingsley to death last July, a jury concluded Wednesday after less than two hours of deliberation. Thomas, 18, was acquitted of deliberate homicide and felony theft, but convicted of tampering with evidence, a felony.... Thomas and Henson were arrested July 13 for killing 67-year-old Kingsley at a Sylvan Lake campground. The two claimed that they shot Kingsley multiple times in the head because they had feared for their lives in the remote area with a mentally unstable Kingsley. Witnesses confirmed Kingsley’s threatening behavior in the days leading to the murder, but in question was the immediacy of the threat to Henson and Thomas, and why the two chose to go back to the camp that night if they were afraid of him. Thomas and Henson testified that Thomas did not want to go back to Kingsley’s campsite, but that Henson, who moved all of her belongings there, insisted they get her things back. Henson admitted to police and testified in both trials that she waited to shoot Kingsley until his eyes were closed as he was sitting in a camp chair drunk. When Thomas realized what was happening, he began to shoot as well, according to their testimony. Thomas’s seven-day trial mirrored Henson’s December trial in length and testimony, but Henson was found guilty of attempted mitigated deliberate homicide. She was later sentenced to five years in prison. Defense attorney John Putikka said that though Kingsley did not have a knife to Thomas’s throat at the time of the shooting – as he did earlier in the night – the threat was immediate according to Thomas’s perception. “He stopped what he perceived to be a threat to Heather,” Putikka said"


Anonymous said...

What is not being told is that Larry Kingsley was NOT drunk at the time of his murder, as proven by the autopsy. He was sitting with his eyes closed for a while and most likely sleeping. Let's tell the whole story, not just the one that is slanted to look good for the killers. And where is the nearly $30,000. money that he had???? Not one dollar found on him. No authorities will order an investigation into this matter. Stephen and Heather admitted that they knew he had a lot of money with him. Hum-m-m, and WHAT was the real reason for those two to return to the Sylvan Lake campground??

Anonymous said...

i agree what happened to his belongings? I know his son would like an answer to that