Saturday, July 18, 2009

Georgia: Police Seeking Home Invasion Suspect After Gunfight: "A home invasion Tuesday afternoon ended in gunfire in South Cobb County, after a would-be robber tied up two men who lived at a home in Mableton. Police said that one of the men got free and started shooting at the home invaders. That led to a massive search for the suspect, but the man remained on the run Tuesday night. At around 1 p.m., a man with a gun broke into a home on Nickajack Road near Fontaine Road and rounded up all the people inside, tying them up. One of the victims was able to get free, and retrieve his personal gun. He fired at the intruder in the confrontation that ensued, and police said that the suspect may have been shot before getting away on foot."

Erosion of truth and American freedoms : “We’re all familiar with the common phrases used to defend our right to keep and bear arms, like, ‘I carry a gun because a cop is too heavy,’ or ‘I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.’ What we may not be familiar with is the cultural assault being perpetrated by the movies, TV and news. There isn’t a ghost behind every door, but there are tons of subtle suggestions and insidious attacks on our freedom by modern culture. If you don’t believe me, observe how many times you see happy 4th of July instead of Happy Independence Day. Everyone has a July 4th, but we have Independence Day. Anti-gunners run in circles with those who hate freedom.”

Legal guns in D.C. not used one year later: "It's been a year since a Northwest D.C. housewife carried a Ruger .357 Magnum into police headquarters in a blue plastic grocery bag and became the District's first legal handgun owner since the Supreme Court overturned a decades-old ban. Today, Amy McVey's handgun is one of just 515 that have been legally registered with the Metropolitan Police Department -- a number that pales compared with more than 2,000 illegal weapons that have been seized in the same period. She hasn't had to use it to defend her home. Nor has anyone attempted to steal it and use it against her or to commit some other crime -- undermining the most widely used arguments for and against permitting guns. In fact, police say they have no information that would indicate any gun legally registered since July 17, 2008, has been fired by its owner in defense of life or property, or that one has been stolen or used in the commission of a crime." [D.C. gal Lynda Salvatore holds her legal Glock 21 handgun above]

Gun control will not stop youth violence: “There are strict laws regulating dealing in firearms. There are strict laws defining ‘prohibited persons’ who may not legally even touch a firearm. There are strict laws forbidding possession of guns by minors and ‘illegally’ carrying them concealed. There are strict laws against brandishing a gun, threatening someone with one, assault with a deadly weapon, shooting people who aren’t attacking you ….There are laws against murder. They don’t seem to be working very well with people inclined to disobey them, do they?”

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