Monday, July 06, 2009

TX: Clerk Fights Back After Robbery: "Gunfire broke out Friday afternoon outside a Southwest Houston mini-mart. It happened when a store clerk went after two suspects who just finished robbing him. Borhani said the suspects took the money in the register and ran. He grabbed his own gun and went after them - fueled in part by pure rage. "We're a little business and we try hard to make money I am hearing about people getting robbed around here and I'm tired of it," said Borhani. He also said he shot at the suspects twice then ran after the suspect holding the money. "I grabbed him, held his collar, put the gun to his head and said, don't move or I'm going to shot you. At that time he starts pleading please don't shoot me. I don't," said Borhani. He got his money back, but the suspect wasn't going down so easily. Borhani said, "He grabs my hand, knocks the gun out of my hand we both dive to the floor." The two struggled for the gun, but Borhani managed to grab it and throw it out of reach. The suspect fought off Borhani and ran."

MI: Shotgun-wielding suspect died behind chip counter at Poker Room: "Adam Crossnoe says the life cut short by shots in the Palace Poker Room early Wednesday morning didn't have to end that way. "Had he not come in shooting, it wouldn't have happened like that," said Crossnoe, the 32-year-old owner of the business on East Bristol near Fenton Road. "The money can go ... I just feel bad for the family." The suspect, who was masked and not carrying identification, shot his way into the poker room with a shotgun about 1 a.m. Wednesday morning -- one hour before closing time -- in an apparent robbery attempt. Crossnoe said the unarmed security guard at the main entrance alerted patrons of the suspect before the glass was shot out and the suspect entered the hall. The suspect then ordered patrons -- including a retired and an off-duty police officer -- to the floor. One of the officers pulled a gun and shot the suspect. On Wednesday morning, the man's blood still stained the floor behind the chip counter where he died."

FL: 3 Sought After Alleged Robber Shot: "Police are searching for three men -- one of them likely suffering from a gunshot wound -- after an attempted robbery at an Arlington used car lot. Channel 4 was told that the three men came into the office of Nino Auto Sales on Atlantic Boulevard about noon Monday and demanded the wallet from a mechanic. Instead of handing over his money, the employee wrestled a gun away from one of the robbers and fired a shot, police said. The employee told his boss, Carlos Antezana, he thinks the bullet hit one of the robbers in the side, but police aren't sure. Police said the three attempted robbers took off. Police said a man who showed up with a gunshot wound at Shands-Jacksonville Medical Center Monday afternoon is considered a person of interest, but the search for the robbers is ongoing."

Guns are not just for sport or home defense: "The Second Amendment is not about sport shooting or hunting. It is about maintaining the possibility of an armed revolt or other armed action as a powerful deterrent against oppression. I was recently reminded how rare this understanding is even among active and aware believers in freedom. A long-time correspondent cut off contact with me seemingly over an off-hand observation that the sort of petty oppressions we read about in the news every day are exactly the sort of thing to drive a free people to that ultimate resort. I believe quite firmly in both the theory of deterrence and the perilous risk of triggering that awful necessity risked by government’s increasing tyrannies. I suspect I am not alone in being more than a bit tired of regularly being accused of being a militia nut for holding these opinions and speaking out about them. Quite often the critiques come from people who should know better.”

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