Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kansas Corrections worker shoots assailant: "A 61-year-old man acted in self-defense when he shot one of two men who were robbing him outside his part-time job near downtown, the Topekan’s attorney said Thursday evening. The shooter, Albert B. Thompson, will give a statement to Topeka police this morning about the robbery and shooting, said William Rork, an attorney representing Thompson. “He’s not a suspect in any way,” Rork said of his client. Thompson is “a 61-year-old man and has had double bypass surgery a year ago and was in fear of his life,” Rork said. Thompson had gone to his vehicle early Thursday when he was attacked and beaten, Rork said. Thompson works at the Senate Luxury Suite Apartments, 900 S.W. Tyler, as a front desk night auditor and at the Kansas Department of Corrections... Police haven’t released the name of the man who was shot Thursday. He was taken to a hospital after the shooting. His condition was unavailable. The incident began when Thompson walked toward his vehicle in the east parking lot of the apartments. Two men emerged and attempted to rob him. There was a struggle, and as he was being hit by the robbers, Thompson reached inside his car, grabbed a gun and fired at his assailants, police said. One of the men was hit by gunfire. The pair fled, and witnesses said the assailants appeared to flag down a car in the 500 block S.W. 10th, and the wounded man was taken to an area hospital, police said. Police were summoned to the 900 block of S.W. Tyler at 4:11 a.m. moments after the shooting. While searching the area, officers were notified by dispatchers that a wounded person showed up at a local hospital. Police are still seeking the second assailant, who is described as a black male in his late teens or early 20s, about 5 feet, 7 inches tall and wearing a brown T-shirt.

Foolish civilian patrol arouses suspicion and gets shot up: "Serbeck and his partner were doing a neighborhood mobile patrol Tuesday night when they were confronted by an angry Reginald Campos. Authorities said Campos believed the two men were stalking their daughter and friends. But investigators learned that the two men were performing their duties and asking questions of the girls. However, those familiar with mobile patrols said that mistakes were made. "Don't take firearms with you and don't get involved,” said Levi Hughes who teaches mobile watch patrols for the sheriff’s office. “You don't stop people and interview them, don't question people you think might be involved in a crime. Leave that to law enforcement.” Serbeck was carrying a gun and did have a concealed weapons permit. But Campos didn’t. However a new law allows the public to carry a weapon in their car. And the law allows the owner to use if it’s a case of self defense. The 9-1-1 audio tape released by the sheriff’s office reveals that Campos thought he was in danger. "He got out of his car and pulled a gun on me and he cocked it and I let him have it,” said Campos to the dispatcher. Campos fired three times and held the two men on the ground until deputies arrived.... Campos was booked into the Sale Lake County jail on attempted murder. Prosecutors have yet to file charges against him. Meanwhile, Serbeck remains hospitalized and in critical condition. There is some fear that the bullet damaged his spinal cord and may be paralyzed."

Senate blocks gun bill: "The Senate voted last week to block a bill that would have expanded gun rights by allowing licensed owners of firearms to carry concealed weapons into other states. Senators voted 58-39 to shelve an amendment by Sen. John Thune, R-S.D. While Thune won support from a majority, he needed 60 votes to prevail under a deal reached among senators. The amendment would have required individual states to honor concealed weapons permits issued by other states even as the rules for carrying guns might vary from state to state. All but two states, Wisconsin and Illinois, allow licensed gun owners to carry a hidden weapon. The amendment, strongly supported by the National Rifle Association, would have required the traveling gun owner to honor local laws that might bar hidden weapons in restaurants and other places. Thune argued expanding the right to carry concealed guns would reduce crime. Thugs would think twice about committing a crime not knowing if their victim might be armed, he said. The amendment "will allow law-abiding individuals to travel, without complication, throughout the 48 states that currently permit some form of conceal and carry," Thune said. "Law-abiding individuals have the right to self-defense." Opponents argued the amendment would trample a state's right to determine who can legally carry guns within its borders."

TN: Kingsport will leave guns-in-parks law in effect: "The city of Kingsport will not be opting out of a new state law allowing gun owners with carry permits to take their firearms into parks, city and elected officials said last week. The Tennessee General Assembly earlier this year approved House Bill 716 allowing Tennessee’s 222,000 handgun-carry permit holders to bring their firearms into federal, state and local parks. Gov. Phil Bredesen signed the bill into law last month. The bill allows city and county governments the right to opt out of the legislation, thus prohibiting guns from local parks. Locally, Bristol and Johnson City have opted out of the law, Church Hill voted last week not to opt out and the Hawkins County Commission plans to vote on Monday whether or not to do so. Sullivan County has not addressed the issue."

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