Saturday, July 25, 2009

Texas oldster shoots teen carjacker: "August Peters, 74, pulled in front of the home about 6:30 a.m. when he noticed another car drive past and park along the curb across the street, police said. Soon after Peters got out of his car, Martin Baltazar, 18, came up to him and jammed a knife against his throat, Houston police said. “He said, ‘Give me your car or I'll kill you,' “ said Victor Senties, an HPD spokesman. Peters reached into his car for a pistol. He began firing, with at least one round striking Baltazar in the abdomen, Houston police said. The wounded Baltazar fled across the street, forcing his way into the home where Luis Ramos lives with his wife and brother. Baltazar ran through the house — terrifying Ramos' wife in the bedroom — as he sought to escape. “He said, ‘Don't touch me. Don't touch me. Move,' “ Ramos said. “I was nervous. I didn't know what to do in this case.“ Ramos said Baltazar finally found the kitchen but was unable to open the locked back door. “He took a big chair and he hit the window,“ Ramos said. The bleeding Baltazar climbed through the shattered window but apparently had a problem holding up his baggy trousers, Ramos said. “He left his pants in the kitchen,“ he said. Baltazar vaulted the backyard fence but was captured moments later by Houston police a few blocks away from where he was shot. He was taken to Ben Taub General Hospital where he was in fair condition, officials said later Thursday. Baltazar has been charged with aggravated robbery with bail set at $30,000. No other injuries were reported."

CA: Armed Robbery Suspect goes to sleep. Victim holds him with gun: "A 45-year-old Running Springs man has been released from jail on $200,000 bail after he allegedly assaulted and robbed a man in Valley of Enchantment. Joel Curtis Eastwood was arrested Monday, July 20 at 3:59 a.m. and booked at the Central Detention Center in San Bernardino at 5:22 a.m. The unnamed victim called 911 because there was a male subject — later identified as Eastwood —inside his residence who had allegedly physically assaulted him causing severe injury to his face and left eye. Dispatchers were told the man refused to leave so the victim, fearing for his life, armed himself with a shotgun and held the suspect at gunpoint until deputies arrived. The suspect had been ordered to lie on the floor by the victim. During the investigation, deputies discovered the victim was reportedly punched in the face causing injury and loss of consciousness. While he was unconscious, the suspect is reported to have taken the victim's wallet without his permission. When he regained consciousness, the victim discovered Eastwood was sleeping on his couch and retrieved the shotgun for self defense. During contact with Eastwood, according to a Sheriff's Department media release, officers found the victim's wallet in his pocket."

MO: Oldster says he fired in self-defense "Johnson said he was in a chair when Yarbrough jumped on him without explanation. “He’d been drinking,” Johnson said. “He had something in his hand.” Johnson kicked Yarbrough away and walked to his bedroom. When Johnson returned about 10 minutes later, Yarbrough allegedly lunged at him again. “I told him to leave me alone,” Johnson said. Yarbrough did not quit, Johnson said, so Johnson pulled a gun from his pocket and shot Yarbrough. From KCPD: The victim of the homicide in the 3300 block of Jackson (Tuesday) night has been positively identified as 29 year old, Marcus Yarbrough of KCMO. Yarbrough and the elderly man (80's) involved lived together in the home, but are not related. Apparently the two were arguing and witnesses were unable to defuse the situation that led to the shooting."

The Window War — coming soon to a window near you? : “What would happen if three percent of American gun owners or maybe even three percent of the American public decided they were ready to take things to the next level with minor breaches of the law? It’s doubtful the damage would be limited to the headquarters of political parties and the offices of the house and the senate in their districts. Expect to see damage at the multitudes of new offices, which have sent forth swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance in recent decades. Many an alphabet agency’s windows are likely to get in on the action. ‘The Window War’ also hints that private residences are likewise on the list.”

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